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Elijah "EJ" Reid

Woodbridge, Virginia - Elijah Reid, a versatile 2024 athlete from Freedom High School, has made quite the impact in his last season. With an impressive set of stats, a strong academic record, and a determined mindset, Reid has caught the attention of college recruiters and is poised for a bright future in sports.

Reid's exceptional performance on the football field during his last season showcased his versatility and skill. With 56 receptions totaling 1,050 yards and 17 touchdowns, Reid proved to be a reliable target for his team. Additionally, he contributed two rushing touchdowns, three kick returns, and demonstrated his defensive prowess with four interceptions, including one pick-six. Completing his all-around game, Reid also recorded 40 tackles.

When asked about his undefeated State championship season, Reid emphasized the importance of competing at a high level in practice. He believes that pushing himself and his teammates during training will ultimately make the games easier. Reid stated, "Competing in practice at a high level has to be a mandatory thing. If I compete in practice every day against the guys on my team, the game will be easy."

With recruiting gaining momentum, Reid currently holds 11 offers from college programs including Navy, Army, Richmond, Liberty and more. Looking ahead, he plans to attend several camps during the summer to further showcase his skills and attract the attention of more coaches. Reid explained, "Recruiting has kicked up quite a bit. I plan on hitting a couple of camps, and after that, I just plan on getting better and preparing for the season."

Reid's dedication to self-improvement is evident in his offseason goals. He aims to enhance his physical attributes by focusing on strength training and speed development. Maintaining his excellent academic standing is also a priority for him. Reid shared, "This offseason, I just plan on getting bigger, lifting, and getting even faster. Keeping my body in the best shape possible."

Beyond the football field, Reid is known as a laid-back and relaxed individual. When he's not playing football, he enjoys playing basketball, fishing, and spending time playing Xbox. These activities provide him with the necessary balance to excel both on and off the field.

As his senior season approaches, Reid wants every college coach to know that he is a relentless player who can make plays from any position. He prides himself on continuously striving to be the best version of himself on the field and emphasizes his low-maintenance personality. Reid confidently declared, "If you are looking to recruit a dog who can make plays anywhere, who also doesn't stop trying to become the best version of themselves on the field and someone who is not high maintenance off the field, I'm the guy."

With his remarkable skills, strong work ethic, and well-rounded personality, Elijah Reid is a force to be reckoned with. As he continues to shine on the gridiron, his journey towards becoming a collegiate athlete is one that many will be eagerly following.

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