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Collins Redd

Collins Redd, a rising senior and talented running back from Portsmouth Christian School in Chesapeake, Virginia, is gearing up for an exciting final season of high school football. With his sights set on leading his team to the top seed, Redd has ambitious goals for both his team and himself.

"In my senior year, my goal for football is to take a bigger leadership role on my team and help us hit the second gear that we just missed at the end of last year," Redd said. "My biggest goal is to help lead my team to the top seed, and personally, my goal is to rush for 2000 yards and score 20 touchdowns this season."

As Redd reflects on the recruiting process, he acknowledges that it has been a unique and eye-opening experience for him. "It's been different than anything I've ever experienced. I've had the opportunity to visit colleges and see strong coaching bonds as well as a competitive aspect on the team both on and off the field," Redd shared. Currently holding two Division 1 offers, he is carefully considering various factors in making his decision.

"What's important to me in picking a school is the scheme they run and the majors that the school offers, as well as a coaching staff that I can build a relationship with," Redd explained. With a keen interest in engineering and a fascination for understanding how things work, he has diverse interests beyond the football field. Redd has been dedicated to maintaining excellent academic performance and aims to continue his success in the coming year.

"Outside of football, I'm really interested in engineering. I enjoy taking things apart to see how they work and putting them back together," Redd revealed. "Academically, I've been focusing on keeping my grades up. Previously, I had a mixture of A's, B's, and C's, but this year I've maintained strictly A's and B's. Next year, I'm pushing myself to have all A's. The goal is to continuously do better in every aspect of my life."

As Collins Redd prepares for his senior year, he not only strives for excellence on the football field but also seeks personal growth and academic achievements. With his determination, leadership qualities, and passion for engineering, Redd is set to make a lasting impact on and off the gridiron in the upcoming season.

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