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2026 RB Breyon Williams: St. John's (DC)

Washington, D.C. - St. John's College High School's football team has been a force to be reckoned with in recent years, and one of the standout players leading the charge is none other than running back Breyon Williams. Despite being a freshman, Williams not only found his place on the field but also achieved remarkable success at such a young age.

When asked about his ability to excel amidst the challenges of playing as a freshman, Williams humbly credited his competitive spirit. "The thing that allowed me to play so much was my willingness to compete," he explained. "One thing that helped me the most was my attitude. My coach continued to preach 'next play attitude,' and that helped me understand that the next play is the most important play."

After securing back-to-back WCAC titles, St. John's is faced with the departure of several talented players. However, Williams remains optimistic about the team's prospects for the upcoming season. "Just because we lost a couple of guys doesn't mean we won't fight and compete to win," Williams asserted confidently. "I believe we have the best incoming freshmen in the WCAC, and my guys are more than willing to prove it."

As Williams looks ahead to the new season, he has set his goals high. "My number one goal this year is to improve my vision on both offense and defense," he shared. Acknowledging the presence of his teammates in the backfield, Williams expressed his trust in their collective goal: "I'm not too worried about the guys in the backfield with me because we all have the same common goal - to win."

Known for his impressive feats in the weight room, Williams acknowledged the effort he puts into his physical training. "Just work," he stated succinctly. "I had to realize that the facilities I get to use and the football team I get to play for is a privilege. Many people I grew up with don't get the chance to use stuff like this or they aren't here at all, so I have to put in this work to show how grateful I am."

With quality opponents on the horizon, both within and outside the WCAC, Williams eagerly anticipates every challenge that lies ahead. "To be honest, I want to play every team that the WCAC Instagram page put above us," he admitted. "I want to play them because people look at our record last year and look down on us, but it seems like they forget about that championship ring at the end of the season."

Breyon Williams is a rising star who exemplifies determination, talent, and an unwavering drive to succeed. Keep an eye on this young athlete as he continues to make waves on the field for St. John's College High School.

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