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2025 WR.DB Dameon Simms Jr.: HD Woodson HS (DC)

In the competitive realm of high school football, one name that's been generating quite the buzz is Dameon Simms Jr. Hailing from HD Woodson High School in Washington DC, Simms is making waves as a wide receiver and defensive back, showcasing his ability to dominate on both sides of the ball. In a recent interview, he provided insight into his journey and aspirations, offering a glimpse into his mindset and determination.

When asked about his secret to success in making game-changing plays, Simms attributed his achievements to self-confidence and leadership qualities. "I managed to achieve a lot of success by just trusting my ability to make plays and just knowing I’m a leader so that’s required for me to do for my team," he stated.

As the off-season rolled in, Simms remained focused on personal growth. He highlighted his dedication to both the weight room and track, aiming to increase his physicality and speed. "My biggest focus is just the weight room and getting bigger but also staying in shape doing track to get faster and things like that," he revealed.

Despite his impressive skills, Simms shared his perspective on the recruiting process, expressing a desire for more recognition. "I feel like I’m under recruited, I have 0 offers, 0 interest," he disclosed. He had been proactive, taking unofficial visits to Georgetown and the University of Maryland. He also invested time in various camps, including those held by the University of Pittsburgh, Georgetown, and Bowie State.

Reflecting on a challenging previous season, Simms highlighted the team's renewed determination during the off-season. "Me and my teammates just been grinding way harder than the past year because we all know we don’t want to have that feeling again," he emphasized, showcasing his commitment to bouncing back stronger.

One distinctive aspect of Simms' approach to the game is his dedication to film study. He shared, "To me watching film is one of the biggest parts of the game from studying other teams, to studying your position, to studying yourself to see what you couldn’t change in your game." This commitment to analysis has allowed him to recognize patterns, such as the need to step up on defense if the offense struggles to score.

As Dameon Simms Jr. continues to hone his skills and lead his team with determination, it's clear that he's a rising star to watch out for. With his strong work ethic, versatile talents, and profound understanding of the game, his journey is one that promises to captivate football enthusiasts across the nation.

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