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2024 CB Gregory Taylor III: Western Branch (VA)

Meet Gregory Taylor III, an up-and-coming cornerback hailing from Western Branch High School in Virginia. Taylor stands tall at 6 feet and weighs a solid 190 pounds, making waves in the world of high school football with his exceptional skills and unwavering dedication.

When asked about his football journey, Taylor reminisces about starting at a young age, saying, "I first began playing football when I was just a child of seven. The spark of interest ignited during my inaugural little league game when my coaches positioned me as a defensive end. I managed to secure my first fumble during that game, and that moment fueled my desire to excel in the sport."

Acknowledging the vital role of mentors in his development, Taylor pays tribute, stating, "Throughout my journey, several coaches have played a significant part in shaping both my skills as a player and my character as an individual. I'm deeply grateful for their guidance both on and off the field. Presently, I owe much to the coaches at Western Branch High School, who continue to push me to improve."

Regarding the recruiting process, Taylor shares, "It has been a bit of a roller coaster for me, but as time passes, things are getting better. At the moment, I've had the opportunity to discuss potential opportunities with a few schools. However, I prefer to remain conservative about sharing too many details at this stage."

Beyond the realm of football, Taylor's interests span a diverse range. He explains, "Outside of the sport, I find great pleasure in exploring other fields such as art, cinematography, and spirituality. Balancing my personal life with my dedication to the game involves spending time in the weight room and seeking advice whenever necessary."

Reflecting on his role models and inspirations, Taylor speaks with humility, "Among my role models are myself, Alexander the Great, and Pharrell. Their achievements and attitudes inspire me to strive for greatness. Furthermore, my family serves as a constant source of inspiration. Additionally, I have a keen interest in track and field, and I've been fortunate to compete at the state level in multiple events."

Gregory Taylor III's passion, humility, and diverse interests set him apart not only as an impressive athlete but also as a well-rounded individual. As he continues his football journey at Western Branch High School, the future holds exciting potential for this rising star. Keep an eye on this talented cornerback as he continues to shine both on the field and in life.

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