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2024 3-Star RB Da'Jaun Riggs: Commits to Oregon

Da’Jaun Riggs, a promising 3-Star 2024 running back from St. John’s College High School in Washington DC, has made his college commitment, announcing his decision to join the University of Oregon. In a recent interview, Riggs shed light on his thought process and what led him to choose the Ducks over other contenders, including the University of Minnesota and Pittsburgh University.

When asked about the factors that influenced his decision, Riggs explained, "I committed to Oregon because that was the best place to grow me not only as a football player but as a man. And they checked off every box I had for each school." Clearly, Riggs saw Oregon as an ideal environment that would nurture both his athletic skills and personal development, making it a perfect fit for him.

With the recent changes in Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) regulations, which grant college athletes the ability to profit from their personal brand, I inquired if this played a role in his decision-making process. Riggs confidently replied, "No. I just loved Oregon for Oregon, money wasn't a factor for me." His focus seems to lie firmly on the football program and the opportunities it offers, rather than financial considerations.

Looking ahead to his future as a student-athlete at Oregon, Riggs expressed his eagerness for success on the field. When asked about what he is most looking forward to once he steps foot on campus, he replied, "I'm looking forward to winning the Heisman Trophy and winning championships." His determination to achieve greatness and bring accolades to the university highlights his ambitious mindset and competitive spirit.

As Da’Jaun Riggs prepares to embark on his collegiate journey at the University of Oregon, it is clear that he has chosen a school that aligns with his goals, both on and off the football field. Riggs' commitment to growth, his emphasis on the football program's qualities, and his unwavering desire to excel set the stage for an exciting college career ahead. Ducks fans can anticipate great things from this talented running back as he seeks to make his mark in the world of college football.

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