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Sanford High School Head Coach: Karl Calhoun Jr. (FL)
Sanford Seminoles High School Head Football Coach Karl Calhoun Jr. is gearing up for an exciting upcoming season, and he shared his thoughts on various aspects of the team's preparation. When asked about changes in strategy and tactics, Coach Calhoun emphasized the importance of allowing the playmakers to shine. He stated, "Offensively, we want to get the balls in the hands of our playmakers. We want to take the unnecessary thinking out and just allow our guys to be guys. Defensively, we want to continue to be sound but more aggressive and effective in getting after the quarterback."

Regarding new players joining the team, Coach Calhoun highlighted Kaeden Reyes, a transfer from Deltona High School. He praised Reyes as a willing learner who gives maximum effort on every rep. "He will be able to give us another option in the secondary. [Reyes] always finds himself around the football," said the coach, indicating his optimism about integrating Reyes into the existing lineup.

Looking ahead, the team's goals extend beyond winning games. Coach Calhoun emphasized the importance of growth on multiple levels. "The goals for this team are to grow mentally, physically, and culturally," he explained. He stressed the need for a championship mentality every day, not just on game day, and a sense of unity among the players. "We must play with each other and for each other," he added, underlining the team's collective aspirations.

When asked about key matchups and rivalries, Coach Calhoun's focus shifted to the intense games on the schedule. Among the rivalries, the game against Apopka stood out. "They've had our number for the past two seasons with both games coming down to the wire," he revealed. With a score of 28-27 and 24-23 in their opponents' favor, Coach Calhoun acknowledged the importance of this year's matchup and how it is highly anticipated by his players and coaching staff.

To ensure the team's physical readiness and peak performance, Coach Calhoun described their specific conditioning program. "We have a very specific weight, speed, and conditioning program," he stated. This program is tailored to each athlete and plays a significant role in their performance. He further shared their rigorous summer routine, with four days of lifting and running per week, focusing on intense and purposeful workouts.

Highlighting standout players from the current roster, Coach Calhoun mentioned Preston Watson and Justin Rosado. These players have demonstrated exceptional skills and leadership qualities during the off-season. "They've been on the field, in the weight room, and the classroom, showing great qualities," said the coach, acknowledging their dedication and commitment to the team.

With Coach Calhoun's strategic approach, the integration of new talents, and the team's collective goals, Sanford Seminoles High School's football team seems poised for an exciting and competitive season. The anticipation is high as they aim to break their rivals' winning streak and make their mark on the field.

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