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Trinity Episcopal School Head Coach: Sam Mickens (VA)

Trinity Episcopal School's football team is gearing up for an exciting upcoming season under the guidance of Head Coach Sam Mickens. Known for his dedication to player development and a relentless pursuit of success, Mickens provided some insight into the team's plans and aspirations for the coming year.

When asked about the changes and improvements fans can expect in the team's strategy and tactics, Coach Mickens emphasized their adaptability to the talent within the program. He stated, "We’re ever evolving to the talent we have in our program. We strive to project and utilize our players' talents in a way that helps our team win and showcase their abilities to better position them for the next level."

With regards to new players joining the team, Coach Mickens expressed his excitement about the progress made by several individuals during the offseason. He said, "We have several players we’re excited to see progress within the program, so I’d have a hard time naming one. They’ve all worked incredibly hard. As a staff, we’re excited to see how it all comes together."

In terms of goals and aspirations, Trinity Episcopal School remains focused on defending their title as champions. Coach Mickens explained, "Collectively, the goal remains the same, defend our title. Individually, we’re constantly working to position our players in a way to help them get recognized and prepared for the next level."

When asked about key matchups or rivalries, Coach Mickens responded with a resounding "Yes!" He emphasized their approach to each opponent, stating, "It sounds cliché, but we truly look at each opponent as if it’s our proverbial Super Bowl for that week! One snap, one play, one game at a time!"

Ensuring the team's physical preparedness and peak performance is a priority for Trinity Episcopal School. Coach Mickens acknowledged the efforts taken in this regard, stating, "We have a tremendous weight and nutrition program led by our strength coach Adam Banwarth and defensive coordinator, Wali Rainer. We try not to leave anything on 'the bone' once the season begins."

Highlighting standout players and their exceptional skills and leadership qualities, Coach Mickens pointed to a strong senior class and emphasized the importance of leadership at all levels. He recognized Zahir Rainer, Will Rosen, Cooper Gardiner, James Woodward, Brennan Ridley, Cam Walker, Jay Williams, and Ryan Mitchell as key contributors. However, he also acknowledged the vital leadership roles played by other players such as Davion Brown, Deuce Edwards, Taegan Logan, Cornell Allen, Trey Grant, and Isaiah Robinson among others.

With Coach Sam Mickens at the helm, Trinity Episcopal School's football team is poised for another successful season. Their focus on evolving strategies, showcasing talents, and defending their title is a testament to their commitment to excellence. As they take on each opponent, they remain dedicated to the idea that success is built one snap, one play, and one game at a time.

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