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South Paulding High School (GA) Head Coach: Maurice Allen

South Paulding High School's head football coach, Maurice Allen, is gearing up for an exciting upcoming season. In an interview, Coach Allen provided insights into the changes and improvements fans can expect in the team's strategy and tactics. This year, the team plans to adopt a power spread offense, aiming to strike a balance between power running and spreading the field with multiple receiving options. The use of shifts and motions will keep the defense guessing, creating potential mismatches to exploit.

On the defensive side, the team has assembled an exceptional staff and will prioritize effort, attitude, and toughness. They will utilize a 3-4 multiple formation, providing flexibility in defending the run and applying pressure on the quarterback. The team plans to send pressure from various positions, making it difficult for the offense to anticipate the source of the blitz.

With the addition of talented players like CJ Carrington, a versatile running back, and Thai Collins, an impressive defensive back and wide receiver, the team gains new dimensions on both offense and defense. Carrington's skills and abilities can change the game and contribute to the team's offensive strategy. Collins' ball skills and speed make him a formidable player on both sides of the field, adding depth to the team's defensive efforts and wide receiver corps.

The team's goals and aspirations for the upcoming season revolve around competitiveness and development. Individually, they aim to maximize the potential of their young players and utilize their skills to contribute to the team's success. As a collective unit, the team will emphasize effort, attitude, and toughness while executing assignments and following sound strategies to ensure cohesive gameplay.

Coach Allen looks forward to several thrilling matchups this season, including games against state championship teams Carrollton and Langston Hughes. Additionally, long-standing rival Alexander and emerging rival Paulding County will provide exciting opportunities for the team to showcase their abilities.

To ensure the team's physical preparedness and peak performance throughout the season, South Paulding High School has a coaching staff with diverse strength and conditioning expertise. They have implemented a conditioning and lifting program that focuses on functional movements and incorporates a modified version of Joe Kenn's tier system. With this structured approach, the team aims to improve athletic performance and maximize conditioning and strength gains.

During the off-season, several standout players have shown exceptional skills and leadership qualities. Gabe Bobbitt, a 6'4" tight end, and Josh Pgouda, a 6'0" linebacker/athlete, have demonstrated their abilities on the field. Kade Wigginton, a 6'1" quarterback, and Cade Grinstead, a 6'0" linebacker/defensive back, have also made notable contributions. Kai Keller, a 5'10" offensive lineman, and DJ Reese, a 5'8" wide receiver, round out the list of standout players from the current roster.

With Coach Maurice Allen at the helm and the talented players on the roster, South Paulding High School's football team is poised for an exciting and competitive season ahead. Fans can look forward to witnessing the team's improved strategy and tactics, the integration of new talents, and the dedication to competitiveness, development, and physical preparedness.

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