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Roc Carmichael: From Under-Recruited To NFL Success - Advice For Aspiring Student Athletes!

Former NFL defensive back and Virginia Tech standout Roc Carmichael's journey from being under-recruited in high school to a successful professional career serves as an inspiration to young athletes aiming to follow in his footsteps. In a recent interview, Carmichael shared valuable advice for student athletes facing similar circumstances, along with strategies to increase visibility and key qualities for success at the college level.

Carmichael's first advice is to take control of your own universe. He emphasized the importance of hard work, self-belief, and determination. Despite being overlooked in high school, Carmichael proved that relentless effort and unwavering confidence can overcome any adversity. He encourages student athletes to trust their abilities, work tirelessly, and never lose sight of their goals.

When it comes to attracting college recruiters' attention, Carmichael stresses the need to compete as much as possible. Whether it's in organized games, showcases, or camps, student athletes must seize every opportunity to showcase their skills and stand out from the competition. Additionally, Carmichael recommends reaching out to as many coaches as possible. By proactively engaging with college coaches, sharing highlights, and expressing interest, athletes can create valuable connections and increase their chances of being noticed.

Drawing from his experience as a trainer, Carmichael highlights the importance of speed. While technical skills and drills are crucial, Carmichael emphasizes that having the ability to run fast can be a game-changer. Track and field events can serve as a great platform to showcase speed, as recruiters value athletes who can cover ground quickly. Carmichael encourages under-recruited athletes to work on their speed and make it a standout attribute that catches the eye of college programs.

In conclusion, Roc Carmichael's journey from being under-recruited to NFL success is a testament to the power of perseverance and self-belief. His advice to student athletes is to control their own destiny, put in the work, and have unwavering faith in their abilities. Carmichael emphasizes the importance of competing, reaching out to coaches, and developing speed as key strategies for increasing visibility. With these insights from a seasoned professional, aspiring athletes can find inspiration and guidance on their own path to success.

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