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Lubbock Coronado Head Coach (TX): D.J. Mann

Lubbock Coronado High School's football program is gearing up for an exciting upcoming season under the guidance of their esteemed head coach, D.J. Mann. With a fresh approach and a roster full of promising talent, Coach Mann has set his sights on achieving remarkable success. In an exclusive interview, he shared his insights and aspirations for the team.

When asked about the changes and improvements in strategy and tactics, Coach Mann emphasized the team's commitment to running the ball. "We will put more emphasis on running the ball this year," he stated. "We have a few kids that can play the Hback, TE position, and that will help us be more well-rounded on offense." This shift in focus promises to bring a new dimension to the team's gameplay.

As for new talent joining the team, Coach Mann highlighted Dom Parrish, a versatile player who can contribute as a quarterback, Hback/TE, or in the slot. "Having him on the field will give us a lot of flexibility and keep teams guessing," Coach Mann explained. This seamless integration of Parrish into the lineup will undoubtedly bolster the team's capabilities and provide exciting opportunities for varied offensive formations.

Coach Mann's ambitions for the upcoming season are crystal clear. "Our program vision never changes," he declared. "We want to be district champs, practice during Thanksgiving, and make it to the state playoffs." By setting high standards for individual and collective success, Coach Mann instills a sense of determination and purpose within his team, inspiring them to push their limits and strive for greatness.

In terms of anticipated matchups and rivalries, Coach Mann expressed enthusiasm for the team's first game against Frenship High School. Recognizing their formidable offense and size, he highlighted the challenges posed by their receivers and offensive line. This clash promises to be an exciting test for Lubbock Coronado's defensive backs and defensive line.

Physical preparedness is crucial for maintaining peak performance throughout the season, and Coach Mann is leaving no stone unturned. "We are changing the way we condition this offseason," he revealed. "We put an emphasis on hang cleans and won't do as much straight-line running for conditioning in the summer." By adapting their training methods, Coach Mann ensures that his players are physically ready to excel on the field.

Finally, Coach Mann commended several standout players who have demonstrated exceptional skills and leadership qualities during the off-season. Isaiah Vazquez, Willie Parker, Demarian Finch, and Surreal Garrett have all caught his attention with their remarkable dedication and commitment to the team's success. Their talents, both on and off the field, will undoubtedly play a crucial role in driving Lubbock Coronado High School to achieve their goals.

Under the guidance of Coach D.J. Mann, Lubbock Coronado High School's football team is poised to make waves this upcoming season. With a renewed focus on running the ball, the integration of new talent, and a clear vision of success, the team is set to overcome challenges and make their mark in district competitions and beyond. Excitement fills the air as players, coaches, and fans eagerly await the kick-off of what promises to be an unforgettable season for Lubbock Coronado High School.

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