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Head Coach Matt Lowe: Head Coach Matt Lowe

Powell, TN - As the 2023 football season approaches, Powell High School's head football coach, Matt Lowe, is gearing up his team for success. In an exclusive interview, Coach Lowe provided insight into the team's strategy, new talent, goals, rivalries, and player highlights.

When asked about the team's strategy and tactics for the upcoming season, Coach Lowe expressed optimism, saying, "The 2023 Powell Panthers return four out of five starters on the Offensive Line, along with 5 Star Preps Offensive Underclassmen of The Year 2025 Running Back Connor Wheeler. Additionally, the Panthers return five starters in their Front Seven from last season's State Semi-finalist team." These returning players will undoubtedly contribute to the team's improved strategy and provide a solid foundation for success.

Regarding new talent joining the team this year, Coach Lowe stated, "Our program expects multiple players to step into the starting lineup as key contributors this fall." He went on to mention several talented athletes, including 2025 Receiver Adam Weaver, 2025 Athlete Fabby Neiwoh, 2025 Athlete Abu Keefer, 2026 Athlete Caleb Acres, 2026 Quarterback Deuce Rodgers, and 2026 Defensive Lineman Iverson Garcia-Ponce. Integrating these players into the existing lineup will add depth and versatility to the team.

Coach Lowe emphasized the team's goals and aspirations, stating, "The goal of our program is always the same: win the 5A State Title." With a determined mindset and a talented roster, Powell High School aims to achieve success on both individual and collective levels.

When asked about key matchups and rivalries, Coach Lowe highlighted the transition from 5A-Region 3 to 5A-Region 2. He eagerly anticipates facing new opponents, such as Heritage High School, Knoxville Central High School, Knoxville Halls High School, and Knoxville West High School. These matchups will undoubtedly add excitement and intensity to the upcoming season.

In terms of conditioning and training, Coach Lowe described the team's rigorous summer regimen, stating, "Our team spends three hours a day during the summer improving their performance physically, mentally, and emotionally." These efforts are aimed at ensuring the players are physically prepared and capable of maintaining peak performance throughout the season.

Coach Lowe also took the opportunity to recognize standout players who have exhibited exceptional skills and leadership qualities during the off-season. He commended 2024 Defensive Linemen Steven Soles Jr and Nikko McDonald, 2024 Offensive Linemen Joshua Fife-Offshack and Byron Finger, as well as 2025 Linebacker Adrian Daugherty. These players have embraced leadership roles and demonstrated their dedication to the team's success.

With an experienced core of returning players, promising new talent, ambitious goals, and key matchups on the horizon, Powell High School's football team, under the guidance of Coach Matt Lowe, is poised for an exciting and successful 2023 season. The Panthers are ready to make their mark and chase the coveted 5A State Title.

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