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Head Coach John Harlow: Catholic High School (VA)

Virginia Beach, VA - As the new football season approaches, Catholic High School's Head Football Coach John Harlow shares insights on the team's strategy, talented players, goals, and aspirations. In an exclusive interview, Coach Harlow provides an inside look at what fans can expect from the upcoming season.

According to Coach Harlow, "You won’t see a lot of changes in strategy, possibly better execution." He emphasizes the growth and experience of their quarterback, stating, "Our QB is more seasoned so you will see him with more control of the offense as he was in the last 2-3 games of the season." Coach Harlow also mentions the potential defensive changes, noting, "Our defense might have a slightly different look with a new coordinator but we will still do our best to keep Alex Rios eating up all the tackles on the field."

Regarding new players, Coach Harlow expresses confidence in the abilities of freshmen Carter O'Rourke and Sean Duffy Jr, stating, "We are looking to the youth to fill the role... Carter has already shown this spring he wants to not only come in and start he wants the spotlight."

When discussing the team's goals and aspirations, Coach Harlow states, "Every team's goal coming into a season is a ring, that is always the ultimate goal." He emphasizes the importance of winning the opening game, securing victories in the conference, and preparing for the playoffs. On an individual level, Coach Harlow challenges each player, saying, "I challenge each player to be the best 'they' can be, no comparison to any other player just be the best version of themselves."

Coach Harlow identifies every team in their conference as a rival and expresses particular anticipation for the matchup with Atlantic Shores, stating, "Outside of conference play Atlantic Shores has been a very good team the last two years and we would really like to compete with them this season."

In terms of conditioning and training, Coach Harlow highlights the influence of their DB coach, stating, "Our DB coach Mike Royster is one of the top boxing coaches in the 757 so he brings a lot of that Nefertiti quit fighting mentality to training and he will have us ready to go 12 rounds or 4 quarters."

When discussing standout players, Coach Harlow praises the contributions of Alex Rios, saying, "Alex Rios is a player that has had three big seasons for us and we expect nothing less this year." He also identifies Seth Burnham as a key player expected to take on a larger role, stating, "I really believe he is up to the task and his leadership in the WR and DB room will set the young players up for success." Additionally, Coach Harlow acknowledges the leadership of quarterback Patrick "Project Pat" Falcon, stating, "He is a leader on the field, in the classroom and guides us spiritually."

As the new season dawns upon Catholic High School's football team, Coach Harlow's words inspire hope and excitement in the hearts of fans. With their strategy in place, talented players on the roster, and a collective goal of championship success, the team is ready to give their all on the field.

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