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4-Star 2025 ATH London Merritt: Top 12 Announced

London Merritt, a highly sought-after ATH (athlete) in the class of 2025, recently announced his top 12 college choices for football recruitment. Among the notable programs that have caught his attention are Alabama, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Ohio State, Clemson, LSU, North Carolina, Texas A&M, USC, Florida, Florida State, and Colorado. In a recent interview, Merritt shed some light on his decision-making process and shared insights into what makes these schools stand out to him.

When asked about the factors that influenced his top choices, Merritt emphasized the importance of building relationships with position coaches and head coaches, development opportunities for the next level, and the value of education. These three elements have played a significant role in his decision-making process, showcasing his commitment to both athletic and academic success.

Regarding how his skills and strengths align with the football programs at his top choices, Merritt highlighted that most of the schools envision him as an edge player. He expressed confidence in his abilities as a pass rusher and emphasized his explosiveness off the ball, making him a valuable asset to any team in need of a strong defensive presence.

Looking beyond athletics, Merritt acknowledged that each school offered unique academic and personal opportunities. While he couldn't delve into the details for all the schools, he shared a couple of examples. With North Carolina, his connection runs deep as his father was born and raised in Chapel Hill, creating a special bond with the university. Notre Dame stood out to him due to the reputation of being one of the top schools in the country, guaranteeing a high-quality education. Moreover, Alabama's renowned business school aligns perfectly with his interest in pursuing a major in that field.

As for his commitment timeline, Merritt mentioned that he plans to make his decision sometime after his junior season, giving him ample time to evaluate his options thoroughly and ensure he finds the best fit for his football and academic aspirations.

London Merritt's top 12 college choices present a variety of appealing opportunities for the talented ATH. As he continues his journey toward selecting the ideal program, Merritt's focus on relationships, development, education, and personal fit will undoubtedly guide him toward making a well-informed decision that sets him up for success both on and off the football field.

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