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2027 QB Trae Taylor: Carmel Catholic (IL)

Meet Trae Taylor, the 2027 quarterback sensation from Carmel Catholic High School in Illinois, who is taking the football world by storm. In a recent interview, Trae shared some insights into his journey, inspirations, and the path that has led him to his current success.

"I started playing flag when I was 3 and moved on to tackle when I was 5," Trae recalled, reminiscing about his early days in the sport. It's no surprise that football runs in his blood as his father was a 1st team All-American RB at Eastern Illinois, making football an integral part of Trae's life from a young age.

When it comes to his development as a football player, Trae credits his exceptional growth to the guidance of some influential coaches and trainers. "Coach Donovan Dooley from QBU has been a significant figure in my mental and physical development," Trae said. "I've been with him since I was 8 or 9, and his coaching has been invaluable."

Coach Steve Wilson, also from QBU, has been instrumental in taking Trae's game to new heights. "Mentally, I feel I can compete with any QB in the country, regardless of age, because of both Coach Dooley and Coach Wilson," Trae proudly shared.

Apart from his primary coaches, Trae also recognized the contributions of Coach Sam (yoga), Coach Gary and Dom (strength coach), and Coach Marcus (speed coach), all of whom play vital roles in his football journey. Trae's sports therapist, Coach Jamerson, deserves a special mention for helping him stay grounded and level-headed amidst the competitive world of sports.

The recruiting process has been nothing short of interesting for Trae. He received his first offer from Maryland and Coach Locksley in 7th grade, which set the ball rolling. Offers from Central Michigan, Marshall, Michigan, and UNLV soon followed. After an impressive camp season, more prestigious schools, including Michigan State, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Pitt, Boston College, Purdue, and Miami, expressed interest in him, awaiting his high school football film.

Off the field, Trae enjoys collecting football cards and cherishes spending quality time with friends. "My parents do a great job of mapping out rest periods for me," he shared, emphasizing the importance of a balanced personal life. During these rest periods, Trae is not allowed to engage in anything football-related, and he makes sure to take at least one day a week just for himself.

In the realm of role models and inspirations, Trae points to his mother as his number one supporter. "She works hard and is a very loving and supportive person," he praised. Her influence has been pivotal in shaping Trae's character. Coach Henry is another important figure in Trae's life, helping to maintain a healthy balance between his father, who also coaches him, and himself. Coach Curtis Blackwell from SMSB has provided invaluable advice that has impacted Trae both on and off the field. Finally, Trae's father plays a crucial role in keeping him focused on his goals, not just in football but in all positive aspects of life.

As Trae Taylor continues to shine both on and off the field, his journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring young athletes everywhere. With a strong support system and a passion for the game, Trae is poised to make his mark in the world of football and beyond.

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