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2027 LB/EDGE Iona Uiagalelei: Damien HS (CA)

At 6 feet tall and 220 pounds, Iona Uiagalelei is making more than just a name for himself on the football field. Hailing from Damien High School in California, Uiagalelei's journey into football is deeply rooted in his family's legacy.

"Football has always been a part of my life," Uiagalelei shares. "Growing up as a coach’s son, with uncles, cousins, and my dad all playing, it was inevitable that I would fall in love with the sport."

Starting with flag football and transitioning to tackle at the age of 11, Uiagalelei's decision to pursue football was heavily influenced by his family's passion for the game. "Football is my passion and is in my blood. It’s really all I know," he admits, expressing his desire to one day play in the league.

Aside from his high school coaches, Uiagalelei's training regimen includes sessions with his father and Coach Mo, focusing on technique, speed, endurance, and agility. A newcomer to wrestling, Uiagalelei embraced the sport during the off-season to maintain peak physical condition.

Uiagalelei's recruiting journey began after his season ended, with his coaches assisting in crafting his freshman varsity film. "My recruiting process is going well," he confirms. "I got my first offer from San Jose State University, and schools like Utah, Michigan State, and Oregon State have also extended offers."

Reflecting on his visit to Utah, Uiagalelei expresses admiration for the team's camaraderie and enthusiasm. "The players love being Utes, and the bond between them and the coaches is evident," he shares, highlighting his affinity for the program.

In preparation for the upcoming season, Uiagalelei maintains a rigorous schedule, balancing team lifts, individual training, and speed and agility work. Despite the demanding routine, he remains focused on improvement. "I'm really never home or never free because of workouts, but it’ll only get me better for next season," he asserts.

Beyond football, music serves as Uiagalelei's constant companion, providing solace amidst his busy schedule. "I can’t go anywhere without it," he admits. Additionally, he cherishes time spent with family and finds solace in attending church, emphasizing the importance of faith and family in his life.

As Uiagalelei continues to excel on and off the field, his dedication, humility, and unwavering commitment to his craft serve as a testament to his potential as a future football star. With his family's legacy fueling his ambition, the sky's the limit for this promising athlete.

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