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2026 WR Lavar Keys: DeMatha (MD)

DeMatha Catholic High School in Maryland has a rising star in their midst - wide receiver Lavar Keys. Standing at 5'11" and weighing 165 pounds, Keys has caught the attention of football enthusiasts with his skills and dedication on the field.

When asked about his football journey, Keys revealed that he began playing the sport at the age of 7 for the Kentland Cougars. His inspiration stemmed from being a devoted Redskins fan and watching his older brother excel in the game. This fueled his determination to step onto the field and make his mark.

Currently, Keys is in the midst of his recruiting process, and things are looking promising for the young talent. He has already received an offer from Georgetown University and garnered interest from prestigious programs like Penn State. Despite the attention, Keys remains focused on continuous improvement and keeping his options open. As a sophomore with his junior season still ahead, he plans to take his time before making a commitment.

In his evaluation of potential colleges, Keys prioritizes a supportive environment that fosters growth. He values well-presented schools and teachers who possess the ability to guide him not only in academics but also in preparing for the next level of his football career. Surrounding himself with positive influences and dedicated coaches is of utmost importance to him.

Beyond football, Keys has aspirations for life after the game. While he hopes to start a family and secure a stable future, he also intends to continue striving for personal excellence. Football is his primary career choice, but he also has a keen interest in becoming an engineer or architect. The opportunity to create and build things captivates his imagination.

With his talent, dedication, and thoughtful approach to both football and life, Lavar Keys is undoubtedly an athlete to keep an eye on. As he continues to develop his skills and explore his potential, the future looks bright for this promising young wide receiver from DeMatha Catholic High School.

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