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2026 WR/SS Amari Jones: Transfers to IMG (FL)

Amari Jones, the 2026 WR/DB, has recently made a significant decision in his football journey, transferring to IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. Standing at 6'1 and weighing 165lbs, Amari is not only dedicated to the game but also maintains an impressive 4.0 GPA.

When asked about his football journey, Amari shared, "I started playing football when I was 5 years old, what sparked me to play was watching my brother play and seeing how fun it was, so once I started playing and realized how much it can do and help my family, I just fell in love with it."

Amari credits his brother, who is now a coach at the University of Alabama, and his cousin Coach Stanley Jackson for playing a significant role in his development as a football player. He said, "They trained me, pushed me, and gave me the knowledge I needed to play this game."

Regarding the recruiting process, Amari expressed that it has been an ongoing journey. He stated, "The recruiting process has been okay so far, but there's a lot more work to do. It started in 8th grade when I picked up my first offer from FSU."

Beyond football, Amari's interests and hobbies revolve around training and spending time with his family. Despite his dedication to the game, he manages to strike a balance in his personal life.

Amari finds inspiration from his family, who serves as his role models, motivating him never to give up and strive not only to be good but to be the greatest ever. With his determination and support system, Amari Jones continues to make strides on and off the field, leaving a mark in the world of football.

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