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2026 TE: Brock Harris (UT)

Brock Harris, a talented Tight End hailing from Pine View High School in St. George, Utah, is making waves in the world of high school football. As a member of the class of 2026, this young athlete is already leaving a lasting impression on the field. Standing tall at 6'6" and weighing 216 lbs, Harris possesses the physical attributes and skills that make him a formidable player to watch.

Reflecting on his journey in high school football, Harris shared, "My first year of football was in 2nd grade. I played with 3rd and 4th graders. I made varsity my freshman year at Pine View. I led the team in receiving and touchdowns but it was a really tough year." Despite the challenges faced during his freshman season, Harris remains optimistic and eagerly anticipates his sophomore year, showing determination to excel and improve.

Throughout his high school football career, Harris has experienced several memorable moments and accomplishments. Starting as a receiver on the varsity team in his freshman year was a significant milestone, instilling in him a newfound confidence. This achievement also led to being voted 2nd Team All-Conference and freshman All-State. Harris's skills were further recognized when he received an invitation to play in the FBU-Adidas Freshman All-American game in Florida. Transitioning to the Tight End position for the game, he showcased his versatility and talent, catching the attention of college programs.

Describing his playing style and strengths, Harris stated, "I like to use my speed and run great routes. I am definitely a matchup problem. I have very good hands and can catch everything. I think my positive attitude is one of my strongest qualities." With his speed, route-running ability, and reliable hands, Harris poses a significant challenge for opposing defenses, making him a valuable asset to any team.

Harris's outstanding performances on the field have garnered attention from numerous college programs. Currently uncommitted, he has received offers from notable universities, including the University of Miami, Arizona, BYU, Oregon, Washington, Texas A&M, and more. As he evaluates his options for college football, Harris emphasizes the importance of being wanted by a program that utilizes tight ends and has a track record of developing players for the NFL.

Navigating the recruitment process at a young age has provided Harris with valuable insights. He shared, "It's been really exciting, but I have learned it's based on my potential, and I know I have a lot to learn and I can and will get better. I will just enjoy the process." Communication with college coaches has been an interesting aspect, often facilitated through his own coaches. Despite the challenges, Harris maintains a positive outlook and looks forward to the opportunities ahead.

Balancing academics and athletics is crucial for Harris, who acknowledges the support of his parents in staying focused on his schoolwork. Understanding the significance of education, he aspires to pursue a career in sports medicine and become a physical therapist, with the goal of helping athletes recover from injuries. Harris recognizes the guidance of influential coaches, mentors, and teammates in his development as a football player, particularly Coach Hosner and Coach Shaw at Pine View, Anthony Williams from FBU, and his 7s Coach Jamar Howard.

Overcoming challenges is an integral part of Harris's football journey. Battling self-doubt and maintaining patience have been among the hurdles he's faced. However, he remains dedicated to his craft, continuously striving to improve and reach his full potential.

Looking ahead to his next high school football season, Harris aims to be the best teammate he can be, developing into a reliable leader. He sets ambitious goals to lead the state in receiving yards while prioritizing his health.

Furthermore, Harris's ultimate goal is to have options for college football by the time he graduates, choosing a program that aligns perfectly with his aspirations and where he feels wanted.

Beyond football, Harris envisions a future as a physical therapist and dreams of owning his own practice. He aspires to work with athletes, aiding in their recovery from injuries, and also desires to make a positive impact on underprivileged kids, ensuring they receive the best care available. Harris hopes that his success in the sport will provide him with the means to support his family and give back to his community.

With his unwavering dedication, remarkable skills, and a bright future ahead, Brock Harris is poised to make a lasting impression not only on the football field but also in the lives of those he will touch with his passion and determination. The world eagerly awaits the next chapter in his journey as he continues to chase his dreams and leave a remarkable legacy.

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