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2026 RB Jonathan Hatton Jr: Steele High School (TX)

Cibolo, TX - Jonathan Hatton Jr., a standout running back at Steele High School, is making waves in the football world with his exceptional skills and determination. Standing at an impressive 6'1" and weighing 203 pounds, Hatton Jr. has caught the attention of both college recruiters and fans alike. We had the opportunity to chat with this promising athlete about his journey and future aspirations.

Hatton Jr.'s football journey began at the age of 8 when his teacher, Mrs. Karla Florence, noticed his passion for the sport. "After sending a flyer home to my mom, she enrolled me in football, and the rest is history," Hatton Jr. recalled. His early inspiration came from watching his father play, and even as a young child, he knew he wanted to be a running back.

Currently, Hatton Jr. is in the midst of an exciting recruiting process. With offers from prestigious institutions such as Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Baylor, Houston, Nebraska, Toledo, and UTSA, it's clear that his talent has not gone unnoticed. "It's going good right now," he shared. "I have received seven offers, and there's also interest from other major programs."

When considering different schools, Hatton Jr. emphasizes several key factors. "Competing for a national title is important to me," he said. However, beyond the football field, he seeks a place that feels like a family and where he can develop holistically. "I don't want to feel like just another number; I want to be part of a strong brotherhood," Hatton Jr. explained. It's evident that he is not only focused on his athletic development but also values the personal growth and support he can find in his college experience.

Looking ahead to life after football, Hatton Jr. harbors ambitions beyond the game. "I aspire to become a business owner and start my own clothing line," he revealed. This entrepreneurial spirit showcases his desire to make an impact beyond the gridiron. With his drive and determination, it wouldn't be surprising to see him succeed in multiple arenas.

As Hatton Jr.'s star continues to rise, football enthusiasts eagerly anticipate his next move. With his talent, dedication, and clear vision for the future, it's safe to say that Jonathan Hatton Jr. is a name we will be hearing for years to come.

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