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2026 QB Kade Wigginton: South Paulding (GA)

Douglasville, Georgia - Meet Kade Wigginton, the promising quarterback from South Paulding High School, whose talent and dedication on the field have made him a rising star in the world of football. Standing tall at 6' and weighing 190 pounds, Wigginton is making waves with his impressive skills and unwavering passion for the game.

When asked about his football journey, Wigginton reminisced, "I was 9 years old when I got into the sport. Before football, I raced motocross and thought that's what I wanted to do, but I was wrong. Football has always been played in my family, and I grew up watching it." Inspired by his family's love for the game, Wigginton found his true calling on the gridiron.

To enhance his skills and performance, Wigginton is fortunate to have a dedicated team of trainers and coaches supporting him every step of the way. He spoke fondly of his mentors, saying, "My trainers and coaches are like family to me. I am very fortunate to have Coach Maurice Allen and the incredible coaching staff that he's put together at South Paulding High School." Wigginton's trainers include Brian Beasley from QB Takeover with Quincy Avery, as well as Ron Veal and Kerry Dantlzer, who have helped him hone his abilities on the field.

In terms of his recruiting process, Wigginton has been making great strides. He proudly shared, "My recruiting process has been going great, and I have just received my 2nd Division 1 offer from UNLV, following my first offer from Troy University." With his talent catching the attention of college scouts, Wigginton's future in the sport looks promising.

As Wigginton approaches the upcoming football season, he has set ambitious goals for himself and his team. "Some of my goals for this upcoming season are to advance my leadership skills and on-field abilities in all aspects," he explained. With a determined mindset and a focus on continuous improvement, Wigginton aims to make a lasting impact both as an individual player and as a team member.

Beyond football, Wigginton is a young man of strong faith, stating, "Outside of football, I stand strong in my faith and belief in my Lord and Savior Jesus." In his free time, he enjoys building camaraderie with his teammates, fostering a strong chemistry that translates onto the field. Additionally, he has a deep love for the great outdoors, relishing in any opportunity to connect with nature.

Kade Wigginton's journey as a quarterback at South Paulding High School is one to watch closely. With his natural talent, unwavering determination, and a solid support system, he is poised to achieve great success both on and off the football field. As he continues to grow and develop his skills, Wigginton is an athlete who embodies the true spirit of the game, inspiring others along the way.

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