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2026 QB Bryson Riggins: Russel County High School (AL)

Phenix City's very own Bryson Riggins, a talented quarterback from Russel County High School, is making waves in the football world. Despite facing challenges early on, Bryson has emerged as a determined player, dedicated to honing his skills and achieving his goals.

"When trying to switch my position to QB at 4 years old, I faced an obstacle/challenge. So me and my dad went to the field everyday to perfect my craft," Bryson shared. "I started to learn how to read defenses at 8 years old, taking my game more and more serious and training every day."

As a sophomore, Bryson understands the importance of this upcoming season in catching the attention of college recruiters. "I'll be in a new system this season at Russel County High School competing for the starting job," Bryson explained. "I've had to learn a new system that I'm grasping pretty well. I'm a true team player and I will bring a lot to the team as a sophomore to help the team make it to the playoffs."

Looking beyond football, Bryson sets his sights on academic and personal goals. "I plan on going to college and getting a degree in Business/Finances in hopes of one day pursuing investments in various businesses," he said. He emphasizes the importance of balance and commitment, stating, "Throughout the normal day, I research and study many different investments and businesses that catch my attention and go over it with my parents."

Recognizing the value of a well-rounded life, Bryson enjoys spending time with his family and teammates off the field. "Aside from football, I like to spend time with my family and my new teammates to continue to bond off the field," Bryson shared. He also dedicates himself to supporting his loved ones, stating, "I like to be a positive role model to younger siblings and in the community as well. Also, I like to spend time with my mom researching on various ways to help her with her multiple sclerosis and I like to converse with both of my grandmas to encourage them to keep fighting their cancer."

Bryson Riggins represents the epitome of a well-rounded athlete and individual. With a passion for football, dedication to academics, and an unwavering commitment to his loved ones, there's no doubt that his future is filled with boundless opportunities. Keep an eye out for this rising star as he continues to make a lasting impact both on and off the field.

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