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2026 OT Jackson Cantwell: Nixa HS (MO)

Jackson Cantwell, a towering 6'8", 270-pound offensive tackle from Nixa High School in Missouri, is making waves as a student-athlete with a remarkable 4.0 GPA and an impressive football career.

Cantwell's journey into football began in 5th grade, but it was during his high school years that he truly fell in love with the sport. Reflecting on his early days, Cantwell stated, "The high school experience definitely helped me to start working a lot harder to get better at the game." His passion for football ignited, setting him on a path of determination and dedication.

Behind every great athlete, there are influential mentors. For Cantwell, it's head coach John Perry and former offensive line coach turned current offensive line coach, Kenzie Medley. Speaking about their impact, Cantwell credited them, saying, "They have been very key in my development as a player." Their guidance and support have undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping his football skills.

The recruiting process has been a whirlwind for Cantwell, but he manages it with poise and focus. He shared, "It has been pretty hectic lately, but usually it’s pretty manageable. It started last fall on a game day visit to Kansas State, and it seemed to just keep rolling from there." As opportunities knock on his door, Cantwell faces a future full of possibilities.

Apart from his commitment to football, Cantwell finds time for his other interests and hobbies. "Aside from football, I’m pretty interested in my other two sports (basketball and track & field), and I also like spending time with my family and dogs," he stated. While the game demands much of his time, Cantwell values the relationships he has built through football and cherishes moments with loved ones.

Within football, Coach John Perry remains a pivotal role model for Cantwell. "Within football, my head coach John Perry has been a pretty big role model for me," he said. Additionally, Cantwell finds inspiration from pro and college players who share a similar build. Outside of the sport, his parents are the bedrock of his character and values, serving as his biggest role models.

As Jackson Cantwell's journey unfolds, the world eagerly watches the rise of this exceptional athlete. With a passion for the game and a solid foundation in academics, Cantwell exemplifies the best of student-athletes, proving that hard work and dedication can take one to great heights both on and off the football field.

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