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2026 OLB Jonathan Manson: Franklinton HS (NC)

Franklinton High School in North Carolina is home to a rising football talent, Jonathan Manson. Despite his modest stature at 5’10 and 180lbs, Manson's impact on the field is anything but small. With a stellar 4.25 GPA, he's not only excelling on the gridiron but also in the classroom.

"I first began playing football when I was about 6 years old. Starting off with flag football then eventually moving to tackle. I gained an interest in football after watching the NFL and all the players and said to myself I want to be there one day," says Manson, reflecting on his early football journey.

Manson attributes much of his development to his coaches and trainers, who have played pivotal roles in shaping his skills and mindset. "My coaches in rec league played a big role in keeping me in football and building my interest even more by making the sport fun and enjoyable," he notes. Additionally, his trainers at The Performance Lab have helped him become stronger, more explosive, and faster, honing his technique for the game.

Despite hailing from a small town, Manson's talent hasn't gone unnoticed. "My recruiting started at the end of my freshman year. I don’t have any offers yet but recently had several new coaches follow me," he explains. Schools like Lenoir-Rhyne, Elon, and ECU stand out to him, thanks to their interactive coaching staff and welcoming atmosphere.

As the offseason rolls on, Manson is doubling down on his efforts to improve. "I have been doing double workouts every day just trying to get bigger and stronger," he shares. His dedication extends beyond the physical, as he attends camps to refine his skills and seeks feedback to elevate his game.

Manson's versatility and tenacity set him apart on the field. "What sets me apart from the person beside me is my work ethic and my attitude. I’m always near the ball because I hustle towards it and I don’t give up on plays," he emphasizes. His willingness to play multiple positions demonstrates his commitment to the team's success.

Off the field, Manson finds inspiration in his parents and NFL quarterback Josh Allen. "My parents are my role models. They push me every day, especially when I don’t feel like doing something," he says gratefully. Allen's journey from a D3 walk-on to an NFL starter resonates with Mason, highlighting the importance of work ethic over pedigree.

Beyond football, Manson enjoys a variety of activities, including martial arts and anime. "I obtained my black belt in Tae Kwon Do when I was 14 and I still train Jiu-jitsu," he reveals. This multifaceted approach to life reflects Mason's diverse interests and his drive to excel both on and off the field.

As Mason continues to make strides in his football career, his passion, work ethic, and dedication serve as guiding beacons, propelling him toward a promising future in the sport. With each practice, each game, Jonathan Manson is carving out his path to success, one determined step at a time.

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