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2026 OL Camden Goforth: McMinn County High School (TN)

Camden Goforth, the talented offensive lineman from McMinn County High School in Athens, TN, is making waves on and off the football field. Standing at an impressive 6'3" and weighing 270lbs, Goforth has caught the attention of college recruiters with his exceptional skills and dedication to the game. However, it's not just his physical prowess that sets him apart; his 3.5 GPA demonstrates his commitment to academic excellence as well.

When asked about his football journey, Goforth shared, "I first started playing when I was 4 years old. My parents wanted me to, and after a couple of seasons, I realized that I could make good tackles and really got into it at that point." It's clear that his passion for the sport has been ignited since a young age, propelling him to excel in the game.

As for his recruiting process, Goforth explained, "2022 was my freshman season, and I just started the recruiting process. I did start getting looks from colleges when I was playing AAU travel ball for the Tennessee Outlawz Elite, but since I was in middle school, they couldn't have contact with me. After my freshman season, I did get a couple of offers, SWFL and Peirce College. Since then, I've got multiple D1, D2, D3, and NAIA schools interested, and I'm looking forward to my junior year when the recruiting process opens up." Goforth's impressive performances have caught the eye of various college programs, and he is eager to explore his options in the coming years.

When evaluating potential schools, Goforth emphasized his desire for a full scholarship and finding a program where he will fit in well. He also mentioned considering his future major as an important factor. "My goal is to play at a power 5 school," he added. Goforth's ambition and drive to succeed both on and off the field indicate a promising future ahead.

Beyond football, Goforth has aspirations that extend far beyond the game. He envisions a fulfilling life filled with family and success. "I'm looking at different career paths. I do like technical careers, so I've thought about engineering or related fields," he shared. It's clear that Goforth has a well-rounded outlook on life, prioritizing personal growth and pursuing diverse interests.

Camden Goforth, with his remarkable athleticism, academic achievements, and ambitious aspirations, is a name to watch out for in the world of football. As he continues to dominate the gridiron, his determination and commitment will undoubtedly lead him to future success, both in the game and in his chosen career path.

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