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2026 OL: Da'Ron Parks (WV)

Da’Ron Parks, a 2026 rising star in the high school football scene. He stands at an impressive 6'5 and weighs 290lbs. As a talented left tackle for Hurricane High School in West Virginia, Parks has caught the attention of many college recruiters. In a recent interview, Parks shared his thoughts on his journey, aspirations, and the challenges he has faced.

"When I first started playing high school football in the summer, I wasn't starting, so I had to work hard and become a starter," Parks revealed, highlighting his determination and work ethic. It is this drive that has propelled him forward and made him the player he is today.

Reflecting on his high school career, Parks mentioned, "One of the most memorable moments is making our school's history by making it to the semifinals." His contributions to the team have not only been impactful individually but have also brought glory to his school.

Describing his playing style, Parks said, "I feel like I'm a tough, aggressive player and also feel like I have good feet." These attributes make him a formidable force on the field, leaving opponents struggling to match his skill and tenacity.

As Parks considers his options for college football, he emphasized the importance of various factors. "I want to make sure that the colleges have good coaches, a good community, a good fanbase, and most importantly, I want the college to have a good academic field," he asserted, highlighting the significance of both athletic and academic development.

Speaking about his recruiting journey, Parks expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "The recruiting journey has been a very fun process. It comes with a lot of work, and I love whenever I see that my work pays off." The excitement and rewards of the process have only fueled his passion for the sport.

When asked about the balance between football and academics, Parks confidently stated, "The balance between football and academics has been fairly easy. I just had to make sure I got my work turned in on time every single day in class." His discipline and time management skills have allowed him to excel in both areas.

Acknowledging his support system, Parks credited his O-line coach, Coach Dj, and his father for their invaluable guidance and assistance. "Yes, Coach Dj and my father helped me a lot," he acknowledged, highlighting the importance of having mentors who believe in his potential.

Despite his achievements, Parks remains humble and focused on future goals. "For my final high school football season, I want to win the state championship," he revealed. Adding to this, he expressed his desire to be one of the biggest recruits to ever come out of Hurricane High or even West Virginia, aiming to leave a lasting legacy.

Looking beyond football, Parks shared his aspirations for life outside the sport, saying, "To get my work done and spend as much time with God as possible." His dedication to academics and spirituality showcases his well-rounded approach to life.

As Da’Ron Parks continues to impress on and off the field, his hard work and commitment serve as an inspiration to aspiring athletes. With the college recruitment process in full swing, it remains to be seen where Parks will take his talents next, but one thing is certain – he is a rising star with a bright future ahead.

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