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2026 LB Madden Morgan: Episcopal High School (TX)

At just 5 years old, Madden Morgan began his football journey with flag football, but it didn't take long for him to get hooked on the sport. "The first 2 years were flag, but I was hooked immediately," says the young linebacker from Episcopal High School in Bellaire, TX.

Throughout his development as a football player, Madden acknowledges the significant role played by various coaches and trainers. "One of my trainers, Wes Bautovich, has helped the most with pretty much all aspects of my game," he reveals. Additionally, Madden has been focusing on linebacker play under the guidance of @DonnieBaggs_, leading to a dramatic improvement in his skills.

The recruiting process has been an exciting journey for the promising linebacker. It gained momentum during and after the 8th Grade Under Armour All American game, attracting interest from prestigious institutions such as Texas, Stanford, Baylor, and Wisconsin. The future looks promising for Madden as he stands on the brink of potential opportunities with these esteemed programs.

Beyond the football field, Madden has a few other passions that occupy his time. Wrestling has become a love for him, and he's already making a mark in the sport. "I finished in the top 5 at the prep state tournament and 2nd in the SPC in my first year," he proudly shares. In addition to wrestling, Madden has recently taken up playing the guitar, dedicating at least an hour daily to hone his musical skills.

While striving for excellence in sports and other interests, Madden draws inspiration from his role models. "The role models that have shaped and inspired me the most are my dad and David Goggins," he affirms. His father's guidance has taught him how to navigate life, shaping him into the person he is today. Meanwhile, David Goggins' motivational influence has taught Madden to push himself in all aspects of life, emphasizing the power of the mind to overcome challenges.

As Madden Morgan continues to excel in football, wrestling, and music, his dedication to self-improvement and the support of his mentors are sure to drive him towards a bright and successful future. Keep an eye out for this rising star as he makes waves in Bellaire, TX, and beyond.

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