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2026 DB Trenton Gummer: Bishop Moore Catholic HS (FL)

In the sun-drenched fields of Orlando, Florida, Trenton Gummer, a young defensive back at Bishop Moore Catholic High School, is making waves in the football world. With a passion ignited at the tender age of three, Gummer's journey into the sport is fueled by a familial connection and an unwavering desire to excel.

"Football became my love at about three years old," shares Gummer, reflecting on his early years spent watching his father play college ball and coach his older brother's youth team. "I just wanted to be out there."

While his high school coaches provide invaluable guidance, Gummer also seeks wisdom from external mentors. "Most importantly, my dad has always been there... but I have also always had great outside coaches," he acknowledges, highlighting the role of coaches like Lo Wood and Darnell Lindsey in his development.

As Gummer's talent shines on the field, colleges across the nation are taking notice. Following a standout 2023 season, where he led his team with 4 interceptions and 13 pass breakups, the recruitment journey has begun. "Honestly, my recruiting is just beginning," he reveals. "I really loved the coaching staff and family feel of Penn State," he adds, hinting at potential collegiate destinations.

Even during the off-season, Gummer's dedication remains unwavering. From intense 7v7 matchups with GridIron Elite to track workouts that have seen him achieve a personal record of 11.1 in the 100m, Gummer's commitment to excellence knows no bounds.

Beyond the gridiron, Gummer's life is a tapestry of diverse interests and altruistic endeavors. From wakeboarding adventures to charitable initiatives like Sole4Souls, Gummer finds fulfillment in giving back to his community. "My family and I participate annually... I really enjoy that," he shares.

With a love for travel, video games, and a diverse taste in music ranging from contemporary hits to 90s hip hop classics, Gummer's multifaceted personality sets him apart both on and off the field.

As Trenton Gummer continues to carve his path in football and beyond, his journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes everywhere. With talent, dedication, and a heart grounded in family and community, Gummer is poised for a bright future ahead.

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