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2026 DB/WR Xavier Lherisse: Eau Gallie HS (FL)

Florida's Eau Gallie High School is abuzz with excitement as 2026 DB/WR prospect, Xavier Lherisse, continues to make a significant impact on the football field. Standing at 5'10" and weighing in at 180 pounds, Lherisse's prowess on both sides of the ball has caught the attention of scouts and fans alike.

"I've been playing football for longer than I can even remember; my whole family is very athletic, so I just grew up in sports, and that's what really sparked my love for the game," Lherisse shared when asked about his journey into football. His early exposure to sports through his family set the foundation for his passion and dedication.

Central to his development are two key figures in his life: his father, Coach Manny, and Coach Sands. "Coach Manny has been training and pushing me since I was little. He's played a huge role in my growth," Xavier explained. Additionally, Coach Sands saw Xavier's potential even before his freshman year, and together they've been working towards realizing his full capabilities.

Recruitment has been a rollercoaster for Lherisse, starting with modest offers from Rhode Island and Marshall. However, his breakout performance during spring practices and games turned the tide. "I had a great performance during my spring practices and game, and I blew up from there, getting multiple offers from power 5 schools," Xavier noted, highlighting his meteoric rise in the recruiting process.

Beyond the football field, Xavier is a versatile athlete who also excels in baseball and basketball. "Besides football, I play baseball and basketball. All I really do is play some type of sport and train," he mentioned. Despite juggling multiple sports, he manages to strike a balance, showcasing his commitment to his passions.

The young talent draws inspiration from a mix of family and football figures. "Some of my role models in life are my mom and my dad, being my biggest supporters and getting me all the stuff I need to be successful," Xavier shared. He also mentioned former teammate Robbert Stafford, whose influence has been pivotal in shaping his game.

With an impressive combination of athleticism, dedication, and the right mentors, Xavier Lherisse is undoubtedly a rising star to watch. As his journey continues to unfold, the football world eagerly anticipates the impact he will make on and off the field.

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