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2026 DB/S Tay Lockett: Transfers to St. John Bosco (CA)

Tay "Boogie" Lockett, a rising star from St. John Bosco High School, is making a name for himself in high school football. According to Lockett, his journey began when he "played [his] freshman year at University City HS (San Diego)" and now finds himself at St. John Bosco.

Reflecting on his memorable moments, Lockett expressed, "My most memorable moment so far was winning a CIF Championship for the first time in the school’s history this past season." He also shared the significance of this achievement, saying, "To get them back there a year later and to actually win it was truly special, not only for me but for the school."

Describing his playing style and strengths, Lockett stated, "I would say that I am a ballhawk and have a good understanding of what routes the receiver is going to run based on their alignment." He emphasized his ability to make interceptions, explaining, "If the ball is in the air, there’s a good chance that I’m coming down with it."

Regarding the recruitment process, Lockett mentioned several colleges that have shown interest in him, including USC, UCLA, Oklahoma, Michigan State, and Arkansas. When considering his options, he emphasized the importance of personal development, saying, "The first thing I ask myself is if I can see me being at that school if football was no longer an option." He also highlighted the significance of genuine relationships with coaches, stating, "I value coaches who actually care about me regardless if I was to attend their program or not."

Recalling his recruitment journey, Lockett expressed surprise at how quickly things progressed. He stated, "By July of the same year, still having not played HS football... I ended up with 9 offers." He now finds himself with an impressive 41 D1 offers, transforming the question of whether he'll play in college to deciding where he'll go. Lockett emphasized the importance of being mentally and physically prepared for his future football career.

When it comes to managing academics and athletics, Lockett acknowledges that maintaining a balance has not been overly challenging for him. He understands that academics must come first and shared his approach: "I stay on top of my school work so I can focus on football at practice." By excelling in both areas, he ensures minimal distractions.

Recognizing the impact of coaches, mentors, and teammates on his development, Lockett expressed his gratitude: "I have a team of people who truly care for me and about me." He attributes his success to their support and gives credit to God for the opportunities he's been given.

One of the challenges Lockett faces currently is his recent transfer to St. John Bosco. However, he remains determined to overcome this obstacle, stating, "I’m constantly watching film, on zoom calls with Coach King and Coach Trudell, and asking questions to better prepare myself." He expressed appreciation for the warm welcome he received from his new coaches and teammates.

Looking ahead to his high school football season, Lockett's goals involve mastering the defense and earning the trust of his coaches and teammates. He also aspires to be a role model both on and off the field, understanding that team success is of utmost importance.

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