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2026 DB/ATH Samari Matthews: Hough High School (NC)

Hough High School in North Carolina boasts a remarkable talent in the form of 6'1", 185lbs defensive back/athlete, Samari Matthews. At just six years old, Matthews found himself drawn to the sport, unable to pinpoint a specific inspiration, but as he eloquently puts it, "it just clicked in me one day."

To enhance his skills beyond the high school realm, Matthews relies on a trifecta of mentors. "Definitely Coach Chachi helped me understand the game and become a better DB overall, and Coach Rodney helped me along the way with a lot. Also, my uncle Duncan has been a crucial part of my development," Matthews emphasizes, highlighting the support network shaping his football journey.

As the upcoming football season looms, Matthews sets his sights on specific goals, stating, "This season I’m looking to take picks back to the crib and keep up my same goal of no TDs caught on me." His commitment extends beyond game time, with offseason plans involving intense work with Coach Chachi. "In the lab with Coach Chachi, working on all my little stuff that I can improve," he elaborates, demonstrating a dedication to constant refinement.

Matthews has not gone unnoticed in the college football landscape, with several schools expressing interest. While he remains discreet about the details, he acknowledges, "Many schools showed interest as of right now, but a couple stand out to me." The intriguing prospect keeps his cards close to his chest, leaving fans and recruiters alike eager for the next chapter.

Away from the field, Matthews offers a glimpse into the person behind the player. "Outside football, I’m just a cool person to hang out with. I definitely like joking around and just having a good time, getting along with everybody, no matter where I’m at or whoever the people are," he shares. It's a testament to Matthews' versatility, both as an athlete and an individual, poised to make waves on and off the field in the coming seasons.

X: @samari_matthews

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