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2026 CB: Rodarion "RJ" Jones (FL)

Rodarion Jones, a 2026 cornerback. Standing at an impressive 6'1" and weighing 165 pounds, Jones attends Gadsden County High School in Havana, FL. With his incredible skills and determination, he is destined for a bright future on the football field.

Jones shared some insights into his journey in high school football, starting from when he first fell in love with the game. "I started playing football at 8 years old and just fell in love with the game," he said. "I played little league and got attracted to basketball, playing all the way up to 8th grade before starting football again in 7th grade."

Throughout his high school football career, Jones has achieved remarkable accomplishments and experienced unforgettable moments. One of his most notable achievements was playing varsity football as a freshman and making a significant impact. "My freshman year, I had 38 tackles, 10 pass breakups, 1 interception, and 1 forced fumble," Jones proudly stated. His outstanding performance earned him All-Region and All-State honors, solidifying his position as one of the top cornerbacks in the class of 2026.

When asked about his playing style, Jones described himself as a fast and long cornerback who can keep up with any receiver. He emphasized his speed and agility, having run a 10.9-second 100m in track and long jumped 20 feet. Moreover, he emphasized his willingness to hit opponents when necessary. "I pride myself on staying in phase with wide receivers, trying to leave no separation," Jones added.

Jones's talent has not gone unnoticed, as he has already garnered interest from numerous colleges and programs. He currently holds 10 Division I offers from schools such as Miami, Georgia Tech, Oklahoma, UConn, and more. Additionally, other prestigious programs like Florida State, Tennessee, Florida, and Syracuse have shown interest. As he navigates the recruitment process, Jones considers factors like the opportunity to play right away, his relationship with the coaches, and the distance from home.

Reflecting on his recruitment journey so far, Jones expressed his gratitude for the recognition he has received from top universities. Although he has only visited the University of Florida and Troy, he remains thankful for the opportunities that lie ahead.

Balancing academics and athletics has been a priority for Jones throughout his high school years. He takes great pride in his academic performance and achieved all As in his classes this year.

When asked about significant influences on his development as a football player, Jones credited his 7v7 coach, Harrison Smith, for recognizing his talent early on and helping boost his recruitment.

While he hasn't encountered major challenges in his football career yet, Jones remains prepared to face them head-on with hard work and perseverance.

As he enters his sophomore high school football season, Jones has set his sights on winning a state championship for Gadsden County and leaving a lasting legacy as one of the top defensive backs to come out of South Florida.

Looking beyond football, Jones has aspirations for life outside of the sport. He plans to graduate from high school and pursue a degree in Sports Medicine in college, recognizing the importance of having a backup plan.

With his skills, determination, and impressive achievements, Rodarion Jones is undoubtedly a rising star in high school football. As he continues to make strides on and off the field, his future in the sport and beyond looks exceptionally bright.

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