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2026 4-Star WR Dyzier Carter: Woodberry Forest School (VA)

Woodberry Forest School, nestled in Louisa, VA, is home to one of the most promising football talents in the country, Dyzier Carter. Standing at 5’ 11.5” and weighing in at 185lbs, Carter has already made waves as a four-star wide receiver, capturing the attention of college recruiters nationwide.

In a recent interview, Carter provided insights into his off-season regimen, stating, "My offseason training has been going well. Along with me being in basketball season, I have also found ways to get stronger as well as faster. Those are two parts of my game I want to get better at. Being able to break tackles and pull away from defenders once I catch the ball."

His dedication to improving his strength and speed underscores his commitment to elevating his game to the next level. As he gears up for the upcoming season, Carter's focus on refining his skills sets a promising tone for his performance on the field.

Amidst his growing recruitment process, Carter remains humble and appreciative, remarking, "My recruitment has been a blessing so far. I am grateful for all the colleges that have shown interest and I intend to visit a lot of them." Highlighting the appeal of various programs, he expressed interest in UVA's new training facility, recognizing its potential to enhance the program's competitiveness.

Despite his national recognition, Carter stays grounded, acknowledging the support from his community and family. "I try not to let all that get to my head," he shared. "I know lots of people are watching my every move so I try to just focus on being the best version of myself and everything will fall in place."

Setting high standards for himself and his team, Carter outlined his goals for the upcoming season. "I hate being complacent so all the achievements I earned this year, individually, I’d like to improve on all those numbers and accomplishments," he stated. Emphasizing the importance of team success, he stressed the need for collective improvement and a winning mindset.

Reflecting on his journey, Carter acknowledged the challenges he's faced, particularly in transitioning between schools. "Switching schools has been quite a challenge for me but I am improving on my character every day," he admitted. Embracing the opportunities for growth, both on and off the field, Carter's resilience and determination continue to shape him into a formidable player and a commendable individual.

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