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2026 4-Star QB Troy Huhn: Mission Hills HS (CA)

In the picturesque town of San Marcos, California, amid the golden hills and endless blue skies, a football prodigy is emerging from the halls of Mission Hills High School. Meet Troy Huhn, a towering figure at 6’4 and 205 pounds, whose passion for the game is matched only by his determination to succeed. In an exclusive interview, Troy opened up about his football journey, his relentless pursuit of improvement, and the values that shape his character both on and off the field.

A Passion Ignited:

Troy’s love affair with football began in the innocence of childhood, but it was in the crucible of competition that his true calling emerged. "I first started playing football when I was little, but I started playing tackle football when I was in 5th grade," Troy reminisced, tracing the origins of his gridiron odyssey. "I played offensive line, defensive end, and tight end. I didn’t start playing quarterback until freshman year of high school." It was a pivotal moment when his uncle, a seasoned college player, recognized his potential and steered him towards the quarterback position. "My Uncle is a big part of me wanting to play QB... he knew I could be great, and from there on, I have just kept working!"

Mentors and Collaborators:

While Troy’s high school coaches have played a significant role in his development, he also credits his growth to the guidance of two exceptional quarterback trainers, Danny Hernandez and Nick Stremick. "Danny Hernandez is a great coach, he knows the ins and outs of the position... Without him, I would never be where I am," Troy remarked, acknowledging the profound impact of Hernandez’s coaching philosophy. He also expressed gratitude towards Stremick, his first-ever quarterback trainer, reminiscing about his humble beginnings. "I remember going to him my first time, and I was barely able to throw the football, haha. I am very grateful to be able to work with these two great coaches!"

Recruitment and Reflection:

With 19 offers from esteemed collegiate programs such as Penn State, Michigan, and Notre Dame, Troy’s recruitment journey is akin to a whirlwind adventure. However, amidst the flurry of attention and accolades, he remains steadfast in his approach, prioritizing relationships over commitments. "Building a relationship with the coaching staff at every school is very important!" Troy emphasized, highlighting the significance of trust and camaraderie in his decision-making process. "I am not concerned with committing soon as I want to continue to have fun and enjoy all of this. I am still 16 years old!"

Preparation for Success:

As the dawn of a new football season approaches, Troy’s dedication to his craft knows no bounds. "This off-season has been going great! I am really focusing on the mental part, rewatching film with my coach almost every day at lunch," he disclosed, offering a glimpse into his meticulous preparation. Physically, he’s relentless in his pursuit of perfection, striving to enhance his strength, speed, and agility. "I try to get up to LA as much as possible to work with my great QB coaches to work on mechanics and get dialed in for this season!"

Beyond the Gridiron:

Despite his burgeoning stardom, Troy remains firmly grounded in his values, placing family, religion, and academics at the forefront of his priorities. "I try to think of myself as just another kid having fun every second of my life," he shared, reflecting on his down-to-earth demeanor. In his rare moments of respite, he relishes the simple joys of life, engaging in friendly matches of pickleball and basketball with loved ones. "I don’t get much free time but when I do, I love to hang out with family and friends, play some pickleball and basketball!"

As Troy Huhn embarks on his quest for gridiron glory, his journey serves as a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and humility. With every snap of the football, he inches closer to his dreams, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of football history. Watch closely, for in the heart of this rising star beats the spirit of a champion, destined to illuminate the gridiron with his brilliance.

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