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2026 4-Star QB Faizon Brandon: Grimsley HS (NC)

Greensboro, North Carolina — A new football prodigy is on the rise, and his name is Faizon Brandon. The 6'4", 191-pound quarterback hailing from Grimsley High School has been making waves both on and off the field. With a remarkable 4.0 GPA and a passion for football that ignited at the young age of 5, Brandon's journey is one that's turning heads and gaining attention.

"I started playing tackle football with a little league team at 5 years old. I was inspired by watching it on TV," says Brandon, reflecting on his early start in the sport. This early exposure to the game fueled his determination to excel and achieve greatness.

Key to Brandon's development has been the guidance of crucial mentors. "When I was 8 years old my Coach at the time (Jason Hester) gave me my first shot at the QB position and I've been working on getting better at this position every day since then," Brandon states. His dedication to his position is clear, and it's been bolstered by training under the wing of Priest Everhart at E43 Fitness. Everhart's influence on Brandon's skill development has been invaluable.

Brandon's recruiting journey has been no less impressive. Recalling a pivotal moment, he shares, "I attended a camp at ECU the summer before my freshman year of High School and Coach Mike Houston made me my first D1 Football offer!! I will never forget that moment!" Since then, the offers have kept rolling in. UNC-Chapel Hill, NC State, Tennessee, and ECU are just a few of the universities showing strong interest in his talents.

Receiving the coveted title of a four-star athlete is a testament to Brandon's hard work and dedication. "It feels great to be ranked a 4 star athlete!! I'm still working hard and striving for that 5 star status!" Brandon's determination to push his limits and reach the pinnacle of success is unwavering.

While football is his passion, Brandon's interests extend beyond the field. "I like training & working on my mechanics. I also like playing the PlayStation and Xbox in my free time," he shares. This well-rounded approach to life is a testament to his commitment to growth both in and out of the game.

Faizon Brandon is undoubtedly a rising star in the world of football, a quarterback whose skills are matched only by his drive and determination. Keep an eye out for his continued journey as he strives for excellence both on the field and in the classroom.

For more updates, you can follow Faizon Brandon on Twitter: @faizon_brandon.

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