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2026 4-Star OT Zaden Krempin: Prosper HS (TX)

Prosper High School in Texas has been a hub for budding talent, and one name shining brightly is Zaden Krempin, a 6’5”, 270-pound offensive lineman. With a 4-star rating, Krempin's prowess on the field has attracted attention from college recruiters across the nation. However, what sets Krempin apart isn't just his physicality on the gridiron, but his commitment to excellence both academically and in the community.

"I’ve always known I would play football," Krempin reflects, citing his family's football legacy as a driving force. His father and grandfather, both former college players, instilled a love for the game early on. Despite the anticipation, Krempin had to bide his time, waiting until 7th grade to step onto the field. "Family time has always come first in our house," he adds, emphasizing the importance of familial values in his journey.

While Krempin's dedication to football is undeniable, his commitment extends beyond the Friday night lights. For the past three years, he's honed his skills under the guidance of Coach Clint Anderson at Linemen Performance Association (LPA). "He’s taught me everything from diet and nutrition to functional lifting," Krempin explains, highlighting the holistic approach to his training regimen.

But Krempin isn't just a one-sport athlete. His involvement in track and field, where he recently shattered his school's shot put record, underscores his athleticism and versatility. As the recruiting process unfolds, Krempin remains grounded, prioritizing relationships with coaching staff as he navigates offers from prestigious institutions.

"Relationships are a big deal to me," Krempin emphasizes, shedding light on his decision-making process. Schools like SMU, Arkansas, TCU, OU, and Texas A&M have piqued his interest, but the journey is far from over. With official visits slated for next summer, Krempin approaches his decision with careful consideration.

Off the field, Krempin's entrepreneurial spirit shines through. Since the age of 11, he's managed ZK Lawncare, tending to properties in his community. "I also think it plays a big role in helping me because I work in the heat all summer so I’m in better shape when football starts," Krempin remarks, showcasing his work ethic and commitment to personal growth.

Beyond his business endeavors, Krempin finds fulfillment in giving back. Through Partners PE, he lends a helping hand to students with physical disabilities, spreading joy and camaraderie in his school community.

As Krempin gears up for the upcoming football season, his dedication to excellence, both on and off the field, serves as a testament to his character and determination. With a bright future ahead, Prosper High School's Zaden Krempin stands poised to make a lasting impact, not only in the world of football but in the lives of those around him.

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