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2026 4-Star OL Ben Nichols: Davison HS (MI)

Davison High School in Michigan boasts a rising talent on the football field in the form of 6’6, 320-pound offensive lineman, Ben Nichols. With a burgeoning career and an impressive physique, Nichols is catching the attention of college scouts across the nation.

Nichols' journey into football began in the 5th grade, influenced greatly by his parents, especially his father, who was a standout athlete in high school. Reflecting on his early days in the sport, Nichols remarked, "My Parents both were a huge part in my decision, my Dad mainly because he was a great athlete in high school."

When it comes to honing his skills, Nichols relies not only on his high school coaches but also on the camaraderie of his teammates. "A lot of my workouts are just based around teammates, Coaches, and myself. I find it best to work with the dudes around you since you're playing with them constantly," he explained.

Despite his dedication to football, Nichols is no stranger to other sports, actively participating in baseball and basketball. This versatility underscores his athleticism and commitment to overall athletic development.

In the realm of recruitment, Nichols' journey began during his freshman season, with Central Michigan being the first to extend an offer. Since then, a slew of prestigious institutions, including Michigan State, Notre Dame, and Virginia Tech, have vied for his talents. Notably, Notre Dame and Michigan State have captured his attention early on, with Nichols emphasizing the importance of coaching staff and team success in his decision-making process. "Both being great schools and relatively close to me. The Coaches and the teams' success are what stick out to me the most," he noted.

As Nichols gears up for the upcoming football season, his offseason regimen is nothing short of intense. "During the offseason I like to lift a lot," he shared. "As soon as the season is over I will give myself a one week break and lift for around 3 weeks straight building as much strength as I can."

Beyond the gridiron, Nichols maintains a well-rounded life, enjoying activities like fishing, spending time with family, and engaging in community service initiatives. "In our football program usually every year we help the community out," he explained. "We've cleaned up yard after bad storms, read books to the younger children at different schools, and done meet and greets with the elementary schools around us."

With a blend of talent, determination, and community spirit, Ben Nichols stands poised to make a significant impact both on and off the football field. As the recruiting process unfolds, all eyes will be on this rising star from Davison High School.

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