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2026 4-Star EDGE Zavion Griffin-Haynes: Rolesville HS (NC)

Raleigh, NC - At Rolesville High School, a force to be reckoned with is emerging on the football field. Meet Zavion Griffin-Haynes, a towering 6’6”, 225-pound powerhouse, making waves as a 4-Star EDGE prospect in the class of 2026.

Griffin-Haynes’ journey into football began at the tender age of five, though his passion for the sport took time to develop. "I wasn’t a big football fan at the moment, but as I grew into the sport and started to realize what I wanted to do with my life, it made me go harder," he shares.

Beyond the guidance of his high school coaches, Griffin-Haynes actively seeks ways to enhance his skills. "I talk to coaches to work on my game, study film, and train. I also play basketball and run track," he adds, showcasing his versatility and dedication to athletic excellence.

With a growing list of offers from notable institutions like Auburn, UCLA, and South Carolina, Griffin-Haynes is navigating the recruiting process with careful consideration. "First three have caught my attention very much, and I also have time left to make a decision on a school," he notes, highlighting his deliberate approach to selecting the right fit for his collegiate career.

In preparation for the upcoming football season, Griffin-Haynes leaves no stone unturned, committing himself to rigorous off-season training. "Working more than others, getting work in when no one is looking, staying hydrated, doing the small stuff," he emphasizes, showcasing his relentless work ethic and attention to detail.

However, Griffin-Haynes is more than just a standout athlete. Outside of football, he embraces a diverse range of interests, from hanging out and watching movies to active involvement in community and church activities. "A bunch of outside hobbies," he quips, underscoring his well-rounded personality beyond the gridiron.

As Griffin-Haynes continues to carve his path in the world of football, his dedication, versatility, and commitment to excellence serve as a testament to his promising future both on and off the field. Keep an eye out for this rising star as he embarks on the next chapter of his athletic journey.

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