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2026 4-Star DE Zion Elee: Jappatowne HS (MD)

Joppatowne High School in Maryland boasts a formidable force on the football field in the form of Zion Elee, a 6’5, 225-pound defensive end sensation. With his prowess on the gridiron turning heads and recruiters knocking at his door, Elee’s journey into football and his dedication to the sport are capturing attention far and wide.

"I played football in recess as a kid and I was a goat, so some of my friends that played for the rec team near our school asked me to join. So the next year (11u) I joined and never stopped playing," Elee shared when asked about his introduction to the game.

Beyond the guidance of his high school coaches, Elee has honed his skills through collaboration with Trench Combat Academy, dedicating himself to weekly sessions starting from his freshman summer.

"I started to work on my skills freshman summer with Trench Combat Academy every week. I don’t play any sports outside of football, but I'm going to start running track and playing basketball," Elee elaborated on his training regimen and future athletic pursuits.

Elee’s recruiting journey kicked into high gear in late January, following an offer from his home state’s university, Maryland. Since then, offers have flooded in, signaling the widespread recognition of his talent.

"My recruitment process started late January after Maryland offered me. The offers just kept coming in," Elee commented on the whirlwind of attention surrounding his collegiate prospects.

Even as the spotlight intensifies, Elee remains focused on his preparation for the upcoming football season. His dedication is unwavering as he maintains a rigorous routine, training with Trench Combat Academy weekly, hitting the gym daily, and gearing up to showcase his skills at camps.

"I still train with Trench Combat every week. I work out every day and am going to start going to camps to showcase my skill," Elee outlined his preparations for the challenges ahead.

Off the field, Elee’s passion for football is matched only by his love for music. With little else piquing his interest, he remains fully committed to his gridiron pursuits.

"Nothing really interests me other than football and music," Elee concluded, emphasizing his singular focus on the game he loves.

As Zion Elee continues to carve his path to gridiron greatness, his dedication, talent, and unwavering commitment serve as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring athletes everywhere. Keep an eye on this rising star as he shines bright on the football field and beyond.

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