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2026 4-Star DB Zyntreacs Otey: Riverdale HS (TN)

Riverdale High School in Tennessee has been a breeding ground for athletic talent, and the latest standout to emerge from its halls is 4-star defensive back Zyntreacs Otey. Standing tall at 6 feet and weighing in at 167 pounds, Otey's journey into football began at a tender age, as he reminisced, "I got around football when I was 3 out there with my oldest brother while he was playing and I started playing at 5." With his father and older brother Adonis, who played college ball, serving as his guiding influences, Otey's passion for the sport ignited early on.

Collaborating with renowned coaches and training programs has been pivotal in Otey's development. "I train with NPA and Coach Vic who runs Ballhawk," he revealed, highlighting his commitment to honing his skills beyond the confines of his high school team. Additionally, Otey's versatility extends beyond the gridiron, as he also excels in track and field, showcasing his athleticism across multiple disciplines.

The recruiting process has been in full swing for Otey, who has garnered attention from a plethora of esteemed institutions. "Started my 9th grade year and schools who’ve offered are Kentucky, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Purdue, Louisville, Memphis, Marshall, Western Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky, Arkansas State, and UConn," Otey disclosed. However, it's Purdue that has captivated his interest the most, citing their exceptional coaching staff and academic reputation as distinguishing factors.

In preparation for the upcoming football season, Otey has spared no effort in refining his craft. "Besides working on my craft weekly, I’ve also been in the weight room with Coach Beasley and also speed training with him," he shared, underscoring his dedication to peak physical condition and performance on the field.

Beyond football, Otey's interests offer a glimpse into his multifaceted persona. "I stay to myself a lot...fav music is rap, Lil Baby," he revealed, shedding light on his musical preferences. Moreover, his involvement in mentoring young aspiring athletes within his community underscores his commitment to giving back and nurturing the next generation of talent.

As Zyntreacs Otey gears up for what promises to be a monumental season, his unwavering dedication, versatility, and community-oriented spirit position him as not only a formidable athlete but also a role model both on and off the field. Keep an eye on this rising star as he continues to shine brightly in the world of high school football.

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