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2025 WR/DB Dathan Glover: Santa Fe Catholic High School (FL)

Dathan Glover, a rising star in high school football, is making waves on both sides of the ball as a wide receiver and defensive back for Santa Fe Catholic High School in Lakeland, Florida. Standing at 5'11" and weighing 160 pounds, Glover possesses impressive athleticism and skills that have caught the attention of college recruiters.

When asked about his football journey, Glover credited his older brothers as his inspiration, saying, "What inspired me to play football was my older brothers. Even as a child, I grew up watching them play every weekend. Once I stepped on the field, I fell in love with the game."

Glover's recruiting process is well underway, with several offers already on the table. He revealed, "My recruiting process is going well. I have offers from UIW, McNeese State, Bethune Cookman, and the University of San Diego. I've also received significant interest from schools like Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, Arkansas, Oklahoma State, and Arizona."

When evaluating potential schools, Glover emphasized the importance of certain factors. He explained, "Whenever I'm deciding on a school, what is mainly important to me is where the love is coming from. I look for schools that show me around, have excellent academics, a supportive staff, and can help me reach the next level in life."

Beyond football, Glover has plans and aspirations for his life after the game. He expressed a desire to become a coach and mentor, stating, "After the game of football, I have plans on coaching, being a coach to help kids understand that there's more to the game and how relationships can be built on and off the field."

As Dathan Glover continues to shine on the football field, his dedication, talent, and aspirations for the future make him an impressive young athlete to watch. With his skills and determination, he has the potential to make a lasting impact both in the sport and in the lives of others through coaching and mentoring.

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