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2025 WR/ATH: Demonte Martin (WV)

HEDGESVILLE, WV - Demonte Martin, a talented 6'3, 200lbs wide receiver and athlete from Hedgesville High School, is making waves in the world of high school football. With his exceptional skills and unwavering determination, Martin has become a force to be reckoned with on the field. Last season, in his first year of high school football, Martin showcased his abilities, recording an impressive 470 yards, 6 touchdowns, and 24 catches. Not only that, but he also displayed his defensive prowess with over 40 tackles, 4 for loss, and 8 pass breakups. It's no surprise that college programs are taking notice of this rising star, as Martin remains uncommitted at this time.

Reflecting on his journey in high school football, Martin remarked, "Last season was my first year ever playing high school ball, but I've been playing football all my life. My journey has been a great one, starting out unknown to winning the WR spot and going to the playoffs. I've impacted this team like no other."

Among the memorable moments of his high school football career, Martin fondly recalls a comeback victory, saying, "Coming back from a 15-0 lead to win the game 34-15. It all started with my electric punt return that put us inside the 10 and led to a score."

When asked about his playing style and strengths on the field, Martin emphasized his leadership qualities, saying, "I'm a leader, and I hate losing. So, I push my team as much as I can to not only create the best versions of themselves but for the team as well. I'm very physically gifted, and my hands and route running add to the table along with my athletic ability."

In terms of college recruitment, Martin shared, "I just got my first offer from UNLV; that's the only college so far. The college has to have a program that I want to major in, like graphic designing, etc." He expressed the importance of finding the right fit both athletically and academically.

Reflecting on his recruitment journey, Martin acknowledged the hard work he put in, saying, "No one's life is perfect, and nothing is given. I had to work day and night to even get my name on a recruitment board, but I enjoyed it."

Balancing academics and athletics is a challenge for many high school athletes, and Martin is no exception. He shared, "I wouldn't say I have it down packed, but I've improved time management a lot with sports."

Martin attributes his development as a football player to several influential figures, saying, "Coach Matt Faircloth, my trainer Gordon Cohagan, Coach Kerns, and my mom and older brothers have been my mentors."

Despite facing challenges and doubts along the way, Martin remained resilient. He stated, "Confidence was a challenge for me. I wanted to quit so many times when people called me slow and said I wasn't going to be anything. I took that personally, went off the radar, and went to work. Now, I'm humble, keep my head down, and work."

Looking ahead to his junior high school football season, Martin has set ambitious goals. He expressed his desire to be the reason the program changes, aiming to have his jersey retired. He also hopes to inspire young athletes, saying, "I want all the little kids to look up and see how I'm getting offers from D1 schools. That can inspire them to keep going and never give up because anything is possible."

Beyond football, Martin aspires to be a better man than his father, find peace and happiness in life, and be successful in all aspects. He emphasized the importance of education, saying, "Before anything I do in the future, I want to graduate high school with a 4.0 GPA and get my degree. Even though football is my life, life isn't even going to start if I don't do what I need to in that classroom." Martin's aspirations extend far beyond the football field, as he aims to be a role model, make his family proud, and become a great husband.

Demonte Martin's journey in high school football has been nothing short of remarkable. With his exceptional skills, leadership qualities, and unwavering determination, he has left an indelible mark on Hedgesville High School's football program. As he looks towards the future, Martin's legacy will extend far beyond the field, as he seeks to inspire others, pursue his passions, and make a positive impact on the world around him. The world eagerly awaits to see where this talented athlete's journey will lead him next.

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