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2025 QB Akili Smith Jr: Oregon Commit

San Diego, CA - In the world of high school football, one name has been creating waves on and off the field: Akili Smith Jr. Standing tall at 6'5" and weighing in at 205 pounds, this young quarterback from Lincoln High School in San Diego is making a name for himself that's not just linked to his famous NFL lineage, but for his undeniable talent and determination.

Early Beginnings and Inspiration

Akili Smith Jr. first stepped onto the football field at the tender age of three, playing flag football with friends at the local YMCA. However, it was the influence of his father, Akili Smith Sr., a former NFL quarterback, that truly ignited his passion for the game. "My biggest motivation was my dad. He always had me around football and always watching football games with him," Akili Jr. shares. "But after about 8-9 years old, I started to want to play football because I wanted to be better than my dad."

Guidance from a Football Legend

While his father laid the foundation, it was the guidance and mentorship of Akili Sr. that molded Akili Jr. into the player he is today. "Mainly my dad. He has been here all across my football journey and has taught me priceless amounts of information about the sport," he says. It's evident that the passing of knowledge from one generation to the next is a driving force behind Akili Jr.'s success.

The Road to Oregon

Akili Jr.'s journey took a significant turn when he committed to the University of Oregon. His recruitment process started in his sophomore year, with Coach Stein playing a pivotal role in his decision. "He has always been talking to me, keeping in touch and constantly making sure that I know that they want me there as their guy," Akili Jr. explains. Beyond the football program, he was drawn to the vibrant community, the supportive fans, and the picturesque scenery that Eugene, Oregon offers.

Setting High Goals

As for his current high school football season, Akili Jr. has set ambitious goals. "My current goals are to make it to state. I also want to throw for three thousand yards and 34 passing touchdowns. And run for 500 yards and score 10 rushing touchdowns," he states confidently. These aspirations reflect his commitment to excellence and leadership on the field.

Life Beyond Football

Off the field, Akili Jr. enjoys some well-deserved downtime. "Outside of football, I mainly play Xbox and hang out with my girlfriend," he says with a smile. Video games have been a lifelong passion, fostering friendships and connections beyond the gridiron.

Akili Smith Jr. is not just a promising football prospect but a young man dedicated to his craft, driven by the desire to create his own legacy. With his father's wisdom, the support of his community, and his unwavering determination, Akili Jr. is well on his way to achieving greatness in the world of football.

You can follow his journey on Twitter via his handle @Akilismithjr. Stay tuned for more remarkable feats from this rising star in the making.

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