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2025 LB/TE Brock Feinberg: Wando HS (SC)

In the heart of South Carolina, at Wando High School, a formidable force is emerging on the football field. Meet Brock Feinberg, a 6’1”, 223-pound linebacker and tight end with dreams as big as his tackles. With a 3.8 GPA, Feinberg balances brawn with brains, setting himself apart both on and off the field.

“I started playing football at like 8 years old,” Feinberg recalls, his journey fueled by family legacy and a love for the game. “My oldest brother Colton... he went to The Citadel to play LB... I love watching college football and NFL football too.”

Guided by dedicated coaches and trainers, Feinberg's development soared. From early varsity opportunities to prestigious All-Star games, he honed his skills under the tutelage of seasoned mentors. “Coach Glover really helps guide me too,” Feinberg acknowledges, recognizing the pivotal role of his coaches in his journey.

As the recruiting trail heats up, Feinberg remains focused on his goals. “My recruiting is going good,” he affirms, recounting offers from Division I and II programs. With interest from renowned schools like South Carolina and Clemson, Feinberg seeks the perfect fit for both academics and athletics.

Offseason preparations paint a picture of relentless dedication. From speed training to martial arts, Feinberg leaves no stone unturned in his quest for dominance. “I’m different because I’m a 3 sport athlete,” he explains, emphasizing his multifaceted approach to training.

Beyond the gridiron, Feinberg finds inspiration in family and faith. “My role models are mainly my family,” he shares, echoing the values instilled by his loved ones. Off the field, he's a multifaceted individual, finding joy in baking and outdoor adventures.

As Friday night lights beckon, Brock Feinberg stands poised for greatness. With determination in his heart and a hunger for success, he epitomizes the spirit of a true gridiron warrior, ready to leave his mark on the field and beyond.

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