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2025 ILB Hayden Tumminia: Milton HS (GA)

Hayden Tumminia, a linebacker hailing from Milton High School in Georgia, isn't just making waves on the football field; he's also leaving an indelible mark in the classroom and community. With a remarkable 4.0 GPA and the prestigious title of Academic All American, Tumminia exemplifies excellence both on and off the turf.

Reflecting on his journey into football, Tumminia reminisces, "I started playing tackle football in kindergarten and very quickly developed a passion for the game." Transitioning from local leagues to travel football at a young age exposed him to elite competition, shaping him into the formidable player he is today.

Tumminia's dedication extends beyond the field, as he collaborates with top-notch trainers and mentors to hone his skills. From linebacker-specific drills with Coach Goodwell and Coach Payne at Next Level Backer to speed and agility training with Coach Dustyn at Moore Sports Performance, he leaves no stone unturned in his pursuit of excellence. Additionally, his participation in 7on7 with NextGen Blue Elite underscores his commitment to continuous improvement.

But Tumminia's ambitions extend far beyond football. With an eye on his future, he shares, "I've always thought about being a physician or a chiropractor." His part-time work at Alliance Sports Medicine and involvement in youth camps demonstrate his passion for sports therapy and community engagement.

As he navigates the recruiting process, Tumminia remains focused on his goals while cherishing the journey. "Recruiting is not for the faint of heart, but I've learned to focus on what I can control," he remarks. With offers from numerous institutions and active conversations with over 30 coaches, Tumminia approaches the process with gratitude and determination.

Preparation for the upcoming season is paramount for Tumminia, who meticulously identifies areas for improvement and crafts a plan for success. From enhancing speed and football IQ to refining coverage skills, he leaves no aspect of his game unattended.

Beyond the gridiron, Tumminia's diverse interests and commitment to giving back set him apart. Whether running a youth small group at church or spending quality time with his family, he embodies the values of leadership and service.

As Hayden Tumminia continues to shine brightly in the world of football and beyond, his unwavering dedication and passion serve as an inspiration to aspiring athletes everywhere. With each tackle, each touchdown, and each academic accolade, he reaffirms his status as a true champion both on and off the field.

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