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2025 DE/TE Christopher Burgess Jr.: Simeon Career Academy (IL)

A rising star is capturing the attention of football enthusiasts everywhere, and his name is Christopher Burgess Jr. Representing Simeon Career Academy in Illinois, this formidable 6'4", 230-pound athlete is not only a physical force to be reckoned with but also a testament to the power of determination and dedication.

Burgess, whose football journey began just two short years ago, shared insights into his early days, stating, "I started playing two years ago. My dad was watching me play basketball and he suggested I play football. My dad played college football (DT); he taught me everything." It's apparent that Burgess's family ties to the sport played a pivotal role in sparking his interest and igniting his passion.

As he progressed in the world of football, Burgess found himself under the mentorship of individuals who helped mold his skills. "Now I workout with Nosa who played DE for Auburn University. He won a national championship," he revealed. Nosa's guidance has undoubtedly contributed to Burgess's growth and development as a player.

Navigating the intricacies of the recruiting process, Burgess shared his experiences, saying, "I have 32 offers and I got my first two Offers my freshman year (Illinois, Akron) my sophomore year I picked up the next 30." Clearly, Burgess's talent has not gone unnoticed, as a multitude of college programs vie for his attention and commitment.

While football takes precedence in his life, Burgess also shared a glimpse into his personal side. "I love chilling with my family but right now I don’t have many hobbies. My hobby is Football since I started so late," he said. Striking a balance between his dedication to the sport and moments with loved ones is a cornerstone of his journey.

Burgess also draws inspiration from his achievements, sharing, "I won MVP at the rivals 5star pro day in Atl." This accomplishment serves as a testament to his relentless efforts and serves as a preview of the bright future that lies ahead.

As Christopher Burgess Jr.'s star continues to ascend, the world of sports eagerly anticipates his future feats. Fueled by his family's legacy, mentored by experienced individuals, and fueled by a fierce dedication to his craft, Burgess's path to success is one that promises excitement and inspiration in the seasons to come.

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