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2025 DB Major Preston Jr: IMG Academy (FL)

In the world of sports, some athletes are born with a natural talent, while others are molded through passion, dedication, and unwavering support. Major Preston Jr., a rising star in the football scene, exemplifies the latter. Hailing from Virginia and attending the prestigious IMG Academy in Florida, this 6'1", 180-pound cornerback is already making waves in the football world.

Early Beginnings and Family Inspiration

Major Preston Jr.'s journey into the world of football began at the tender age of 6. When asked about his early introduction to the game, he credits his father as the driving force behind his passion. "Started playing the game at the age of 6; my dad was the motivation. He made it a point that all my siblings and myself played something early," says Major.

Guided by Exceptional Mentors

Throughout his football journey, Major has been fortunate to have incredible mentors and coaches by his side. His father played the role of the first coach and trainer in his life. "My Dad was my first coach/trainer in everything (football, basketball). It was no offseason," Major recalls.

In addition to his father, Major mentions Coach Kytwan Heath from Richmond, Coach Roc Carmichael (a former VT and NFL DB) from the DMV, and Coach Gray in strength and conditioning. "All those guys took my game to another level mentally and physically. I continue to train with them to this day whenever I make it back home," he explains.

Major also acknowledges his first high school coach, Rick Irby from Hopewell, Virginia, who recognized his potential and gave him a chance to shine as a freshman on the Varsity team when he was new to the program.

Rising Through the Ranks

Major's talent didn't go unnoticed, and his recruitment process began during his sophomore year at Hopewell High School. He had an impressive season with six interceptions, earning his first two offers from Marshall and Virginia Tech. After transferring to IMG Academy, Major's list of suitors expanded, with offers from Ole Miss, Georgia Tech, FIU, and LIU.

Currently, Virginia Tech and Marshall stand out in his recruitment journey. "VT and Marshall are standing out the most right now because they are really showing the most love and interest," says Major. He also mentions that his summer visits to Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina have generated significant interest.

Goals and Aspirations

Looking ahead to the upcoming football season, Major is focused on team success and personal growth. "This season I’m focused on helping my team have the best season possible (undefeated) and showing I’m one of the best DB’s in 2025 if not thee best," he affirms.

Beyond the Gridiron

But Major Preston Jr. isn't just a football prodigy. He's a versatile athlete and an enthusiast of other interests. "I’m a hooper," he proudly admits, having played varsity basketball as a freshman back home in Hopewell. He's also a self-proclaimed murder-mystery fan, showcasing a unique and intriguing facet to his personality.

As Major Preston Jr. continues his journey towards football stardom, it's evident that his unwavering dedication, supportive mentors, and diverse interests make him a standout both on and off the field.

Follow his promising career on Twitter @MajorPreston7 as he takes the football world by storm.

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