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2025 4-Star OT Ziyare Addison: Sumner HS (FL)

Sumner High School in Florida has become the breeding ground for future football legends, and at the forefront of this tradition stands Ziyare Addison, a towering presence on the field. At 6'5" and 280lbs, Addison is not just physically imposing but also possesses a keen intellect with a 3.5 GPA to match his athletic prowess.

"Football is in my blood," Addison proudly declares, reminiscing about his childhood spent watching his uncle's triumphs on the gridiron. Despite his parents' initial nudges towards basketball, Addison's heart gravitated towards football, a passion that ignited during his days at the Tampa Hurricanes little league.

Under the tutelage of his head coach, Ashwood, Addison's journey to dominance has been meticulously crafted. "My dedication to improvement is unwavering," he asserts, attributing his success to grueling training sessions at 6:30 am, three times a week, alongside his coach. Specialized offensive line training at the Trench Academy and participation in wrestling and track have honed his athleticism to razor-sharp precision.

As college recruiters vie for his attention, Addison remains composed and methodical in his approach. "Strong academic programs, winning tradition, coaching staff, are all important to me," he states, reflecting on his array of suitors, including powerhouses like Georgia, Florida State, and Penn State. Despite the allure of early commitments, Addison plans to make a well-informed decision mid-August, ensuring the perfect fit for his future endeavors.

Off the field, Addison's commitment to excellence doesn't waver. Rigorous off-season routines, including nightly stretching and one-on-one sessions with Coach Ray, underscore his relentless pursuit of peak performance. Yet, amidst the grind of football, Addison finds solace in community service and personal hobbies, epitomizing the adage that football is but one facet of his multifaceted identity.

As the spotlight intensifies on Ziyare Addison, his journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes everywhere, showcasing that true greatness transcends the confines of the gridiron. With his eyes set on the stars and feet firmly grounded in diligence and dedication, the future is bound to be bright for this rising star from Sumner High School.

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