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2025 4-Star OL Max Buchanan: Seminole High School (FL)

Seminole High School's offensive lineman, Max Buchanan, is making headlines with his impressive skills on the field. Standing at an imposing 6'5" and weighing 285 pounds, Buchanan has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in Sanford, FL. In an exclusive interview, the talented 4-star recruit shared his journey, accomplishments, and aspirations both on and off the football field.

Buchanan's high school football journey has been nothing short of remarkable. From uncertain beginnings to establishing himself as a key player on the varsity team, he has overcome obstacles and honed his technique. Reflecting on his progress, Buchanan stated, "It has been a wonderful time at Seminole. From my freshman year, when I first benched 225 pounds, to this past spring where I reached 335 pounds, I've seen my technique as an offensive lineman improve."

Throughout his high school football career, Buchanan has experienced numerous memorable moments and achievements. Beating Winter Park in his first playoff win as a freshman and dominating opponents during their homecoming games are experiences that hold a special place in his heart. These triumphs have undoubtedly contributed to Buchanan's growing reputation on the field.

When it comes to playing style, Buchanan is known for his strong pass protection and zone blocking skills. His ability to knock opponents out of the way and his love for pulling make him a versatile asset for any team. "I have very strong pass protection and zone blocking, while I do love to pull and knock people out of my way," Buchanan explained.

As a highly sought-after recruit, Buchanan has garnered interest from several colleges and programs. During the recruitment process, he prioritizes finding the right fit. "Based on conversations with the coach, I can tell if I could see myself going there or not," Buchanan noted. His decision will be influenced by specific factors and aspects that align with his vision for college football.

Balancing academics and athletics has been a challenge for many student-athletes, and Buchanan is no exception. However, he has found a way to manage this delicate equilibrium. "In high school, it just made sense. I couldn't be messing around, and I figured out that there are times where I have to sacrifice going out with friends to get my homework done," he said.

Throughout his development as a football player, Buchanan attributes his growth to the guidance of individuals who have played significant roles in his life. Bailey Granier, a former Vanderbilt player, and Dalton Barber, a family friend and mentor, have pushed him to reach new heights. "Bailey Granier and Dalton Barber have really helped me develop big time. Same as my coach and family friend, they have pushed me to be the best I can be day after day," Buchanan acknowledged.

Challenges have been a part of Buchanan's football journey, but his unwavering dedication to greatness propels him forward. "Missing a lot of time with friends for football events has been a significant challenge, but I know I want to be great, and they support me to the fullest," he emphasized.

Looking ahead to his junior high school football season, Buchanan aims to leave a lasting legacy by sharing his knowledge and passion for the game. He plans to pass down his experience and inspire younger players to achieve greatness, ultimately setting them up for a victorious future.

Beyond football, Buchanan aspires to make a positive impact on his family. "Outside of football, I want to be able to retire my parents because they do the most for me. I want my kids not to worry about anything but still learn important life lessons and skills," Buchanan shared.

Max Buchanan's incredible journey in high school football serves as a testament to his determination and talent. With his combination of size, strength, and skill, Buchanan is poised to make a significant impact at the college level and beyond. As he continues to attract attention from top programs, his commitment to excellence and his desire to leave a lasting legacy shine through.

With two more years of high school football ahead, Max Buchanan has the opportunity to further solidify his status as one of the most promising offensive linemen in the country. Seminole High School and the Sanford community eagerly await his next moves on the field, anticipating more memorable moments and extraordinary accomplishments from this rising star.

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