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2025 4-Star CB Onis Konanbanny: Uncommitted

Columbia, SC - Meet Onis Konanbanny, a promising 4-star cornerback hailing from Heathwood Hall School in Columbia, South Carolina. At just 3-4 years into his football journey, Onis has already made waves in the world of high school football.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Onis and get some insights into his football journey and his life beyond the gridiron. When asked about his introduction to football, Onis shared, "I started playing football about 3-4 years ago. I met Kofi Taylor, Barrocks, Seydou Traoré, and Darren Agu, all P5 guys right now. I started to train with them the whole summer of COVID, and I fell in love with the ball."

Onis attributes much of his development to dedicated coaches and trainers. "Coach XL played a huge part in my development for sure," he said. "Kojo Oteng, XL Performance, he's been my DB coach since day 1, and I love him to death. Brandon Coiller, the face of PPI, really helped me a lot, and I am forever grateful for him. He's a close role model I look up to, and someday, I want to do the job he's doing and open doors like he is."

Recruiting has been a whirlwind journey for Onis, as he shared, "My recruiting has gone so well. It just took off one morning from my 1st offer, Charlotte. Then, at the end of that week, UNC Chapel Hill offered, and it's just been up since then. So, I'm forever thankful to God for putting me in this position."

But Onis isn't all about football. He enjoys other interests and hobbies in his free time. "I like to go back to my first love and play soccer in my free time, and I also like table tennis," he mentioned with a grin. "You can ask my teammates at the Gap; nobody could beat me on the table, especially Patrick Williams."

Beyond the world of sports, Onis has strong role models who have shaped his character. "My role model in life would be Kirk Kirkpatrick and Christy Kirkpatrick, my American parents," he shared. "They do everything right, they are loving and caring, and they really taught me that if you want something, you have to grind to get it and that there are no shortcuts in life. Moreover, they grind in their everyday life too at their workplace, so that inspires me to grind too."

As Onis Konanbanny's star continues to rise in the football world, it's clear that his dedication, work ethic, and the guidance of his mentors both on and off the field will continue to propel him toward a bright future. Keep an eye on this rising star – he's one to watch.

You can follow Onis on Twitter @KonanbannyOnis for updates on his football journey and more.

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